Even if you post the best content for a particular piece of content, it might not get rated by Google.

In fact, they usually don't.

Nowadays, it takes a lot more than just content to get Google traffic.

So what does it take to win?

Sooner or later, you will need high quality links to your content.

There are many gray areas in this room. What is the right way? Are there any good link building companies out there?

They exist. They are just hard to find.

And be extra careful with all of this. Not only does Google prohibit paying for links, the only legitimate long term strategy is to create links authentically. The right link building companies will help you with this.

Always start with your goals before proceeding.

Know your goals and desired results

Take a step back and ask yourself: Why do I need to link to my website?

If you're like most business people, you'll want to hire a link building agency because you've heard that links drive higher rankings and traffic to your website.

Well, there are even more benefits to creating quality links to your website.

Emphasis on "quality".

This is because the way links work is quite simple: other websites trust your website for something and link to it. Google uses these signals or "votes of confidence" to consider your website an authoritative resource.

Your rewards?

  • authority
  • Higher ranking against your competitors for similar keywords or search terms
  • More qualified traffic
  • Leads and sales
  • Brand names on the Internet

These rewards explain why some companies are spending anywhere between $ 10,000 and $ 50,000 per month on link building alone.

However, the competition for high quality links has become fierce.

Google has implemented most of the linking strategies. And even if you find something that works today, every year Google is better able to find spurious links.

The last thing you want to create is a series of links that Google will ignore after 12 months.

So before you spray money on a link building agency, you should choose one that is experienced in creating high quality backlinks.

In order to get high quality backlinks, there are few strategies that I know you can get:

  • Linkable content marketing
  • Blogger reach
  • Guest Post
  • Curated content backlinks
  • Strategic link placements

Your SEO strategy and business goals determine which link building strategies and agencies you need.

Let me explain using a few examples.

Example 1: blogger reach for outdated content

Imagine for a second that your main competitor's website is organically ranked # 1 for the keyword "Best Fitness Apps For Women" while your website has stopped working on the 19th page on Google.

And you realize that this competitor ranks high because authoritative domains are linked by them to an old piece of content that cited an outdated study of women's fitness.

Authority, as they say, creates authority.

To oust your competitor, or at least improve your position on the SERPs, you also need to get backlinks from authoritative domains.

I trust that you can use two options for this:

  • Create an updated version of the content by sending links to your competitor. Then contact the domains associated with them to replace the links to your competitor with yours.
  • Do a newer version of the fitness study by linking authoritative websites with your competitor. Then create a piece of content discussing your findings and promote it to get links.

In either case, the link building strategy you need in this scenario is called linkable content marketing.

And that's because content marketing and backlinks go perfectly together. Without the other one cannot really make one.

To get links using this strategy, you need an agency with extensive and proven experience in content marketing.

Example 2: Contacting us to add links to brand mentions

Let's stay with the example of the “best fitness app for women”.

Imagine you did a new study on women's fitness.

After that, you've created an excellent piece of content that breaks down your results.

A few months later, your studies and content go viral and many bloggers mention them in their articles.

These mentions usually contain links directly to your research.

But not always.

To take this opportunity and create backlinks, you need to reach out to these bloggers and ask for a link.

In this case, you use a link building strategy called "blogger outreach".

In either of the examples, did you notice something I just shared?

You need something to link to – something of high quality to give other websites the confidence to send backlinks to your website.

And these link-worthy assets are better when they are in the form of content.

The better your content, the easier it is to get those authentic links that are completely legitimate.

Why is any of this important?

Why not just hire an agency to create links for you?

There are plenty of shady things to do in link building. If you don't have a clear idea of ​​the type of links you want, you end up with a link spammer who will create a ton of broken links, charge you a ton, and then walk away. If you do enough of it, Google can penalize your website. It can take years to reverse this.

Because link building is so risky, you want to be in the weeds with every link building agency you work with. This is the only way to ensure that your domain will not be damaged.

Here are some other things to look for in a great link building agency.

6 qualities that make a great link building agency

Large companies have attributes that generally define them. Large link building agencies are no exception.

But what qualities should you look out for that make a link building agency great?

There are six major ones I can bet my money on.

1. Content Services

I prefer to closely coordinate content and link building.

Buying a lot of links to a landing page hasn't worked in Google in ages.

To get good, authentic links, you need good, authentic content.

Many websites don't have this content. Even if they have produced great content in the past, they may not have content that is linkable enough. Research, statistics, studies, and resources are really good.

If you don't have this type of content, you need an agency that can identify this loophole and create the content for you.

2. Restrictions on establishing permanent connections

Any good link building agency is well versed in black hat SEO and the seedy things some people do. And they never venture into those areas. It's just too risky.

The good agencies know exactly where to draw the line.

They believe in building long-term links that Google values.

So, with your team and your customers, you have set firm limits on what you won't do.

Ask them what links they don't create. And what strategies they don't use.

It should be a long list.

3. Monthly link ratings

Any legitimate link building agency will give you a list of all the links they have created.

This is your opportunity to review these links and make sure they are 100% legitimate.

If an agency is trying to hide the links or drag their feet, work with someone else.

If you're working with a new agency, be sure to review all of the links on their first batch. You want to be absolutely sure that every link looks good. Anyone can check the link quality. You don't have to be an SEO expert.

Look for links on quality pages. Is it a good blog post? Is it a quality site? Does the link make sense?

If you don't like something, it looks bad to Google too.

4. Great expectations

The simple fact about link building is that results are never guaranteed. Google does not issue rankings for participation. If you want that first place, you have to beat everyone else.

Nobody wins by a defined list of requirements, he wins by more than his competitors.

If you have tough competition you could face an uphill battle all the way.

Great agencies know how difficult some rankings can be. And they don't promise too much.

Stay away from everyone who promises # 1. And if an agency promises rankings within set deadlines or makes really specific forecasts, these red flags should be considered.

How to work with a link building agency

What is it like to work with a link building agency?

The easiest way to describe what link building is not is:

  1. Go to the agency's website.
  2. Choose a link order like on Amazon
  3. Go to checkout and buy your links
  4. Wait for your links to come in

Countless companies offer something like this.

And it's almost always doomed.

If you work with such agencies you will get poor quality links. The agency is pursuing a volume game. She cannot give you the attention that you really need.

Look for a real agency that will help you get authentic links.

This process feels more like a real agency:

1. Align your team

As with most agencies, you can set them up to succeed or fail.

No agency can work miracles on its own.

Agencies achieve results by working closely with your team and using your internal resources when it makes sense.

Usually, it is a good idea to align your team before contacting an agency. Once you start there are no more roadblocks.

  • Does your content team have the bandwidth to work on link-oriented content?
  • Can your tech team make site improvements if necessary?
  • Did you recently do an SEO audit to clean up weak areas of your website?
  • Does the agency's “champion” have enough authority on your team to broadcast changes live if necessary?

When your team is up and running, contact an agency that looks promising.

2nd investigation session

Authentic link building strategies are usually tailored to each location and company.

Most link building agencies want to talk to you on the phone, get an idea of ​​your market and goals, and ask tons of questions to make sure they are a good fit for you.

Expect a discovery call with them.

And if you have a huge website, there might be multiple calls to discovery.

Once you've filled out the agency's contact form, you can expect it to be done within a week or so.

3. Research & Strategic Recommendations

The truly amazing link building agencies will use their expertise to research your company, target audience, competitors, and industry.

They don't blindly offer to build links.

After all, winning Google is about outperforming your competitors.

If you don't know the competition, you'll have a hard time beating them.

Such big agencies are figuring out this competition. You will get a sense of how much work it takes to get high rankings in your field.

By this point, you should see a lot of in-depth research on your website and among competitors.

That way, they'll get a number of strategy recommendations for you.

4. A contract with project results

Provided your recommendations look good, you can move on to the suggestion phase.

Expect long term suggestions.

Links take forever to create, especially if you do it in a legitimate way.

First you need to create a campaign or content, then start it, then wait for organic links to come in and wait for those links to take effect.

None of this happens quickly.

And link building agencies know that. They only want to work with people who are really on board in the long term.

5. Client onboarding

Yes, the top link building agencies have an onboarding process that is unique to each client project. So expect one.

This process is critical as it creates the conditions for collaboration.

It also explains what you need to do to make the partnership successful. Get in touch with your team and make sure the agency gets what it needs.

Only in this way can the project have a chance of success.

How to Find the Right Link Building Agency for You

A link building agency that suits you will understand your needs and how getting backlinks will affect your business and SEO strategy in general.

I trust you already know that.

First of all, avoid any agency that promises you backlinks at the push of a button. Mostly these are black hat SEO ninjas with spam PBN (Private Blog Networks).

And what can you get from them?

Spam Links!

These bad tactics can have quick wins – they have had in the past, but give some time and Google will penalize you and downgrade your rankings.

Your best bet is to choose reputable, trustworthy and experienced link building companies that will not compromise and damage their image and brands.

Below are the top link building companies that come highly recommended.

The 5 Top Link Building Agencies

1. Neil Patel Digital – Best for Linkable Content Marketing

I have created millions of backlinks to my personal blog using my linkable content strategy:

That's over 3 million backlinks generating more than 3.4 million monthly organic visits.

Working with Neil Patel Digital gives you access to the same playbook for your own site. Contact us and my team will be in touch.

2. FATJOE – Best for blogger outreach

FATJOE is a trusted blogger outreach service that other agencies turn to for backlinks:

Founded by Joe Taylor, a seasoned SEO practitioner, FATJOE's blogger outreach service has generated backlinks for over 5,000 customers worldwide.

This is a great option if you already have amazing content and just need extra muscle from an outreach strategy.

3. Page One Power – Best for strategic link placements

Page One Power has built a reputation as a trusted link building agency for strategic link placements on websites with higher domains (DA60 +).

They do this through a combination of linkable assets and a high-level outreach strategy.

The ten years of experience of this agency speaks for itself. They build around 15,000 strategic backlinks every year and have 982 active partners:

4. The HOTH – Best for guest posting

If you need to generate some backlinks yourself, guest posting on other people's websites is the way to go.

But what if you didn't have the time?

The HOTH can help:

HOTH Guest Posting is a productive service that you can turn to for links from websites with domain authority between the DA10 and DA50.

5. RhinoRank – Best for building curated links

RhinoRank is a great way to get links from websites that mention your business or product in content posted on their sites without linking to you.

The name of this link acquisition strategy is curated link building.

RhinoRank will do all the hard work, reaching multiple webmasters with relevant brand names, and securing backlinks for your website.

Bottom line: look beyond backlinks

Yes, websites need links in order to rank on Google. Especially for competitive conditions.

You could try brutalizing yourself and working with a link building agency.

Or, you could put in place a whole marketing strategy that will build your domain authority and brand, bring you a ton of leads, and naturally build links over time.

I prefer to do it that way.

Instead of just looking for a link building agency, consider a top notch online marketing agency that can implement the entire program for you.

That's what we do at Neil Patel Digital.


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