If you think TikTok dances are just another form of social media stance, think again.

While #SMWONE The companies behind the viral #DistanceDance campaign shared the story behind the success and the main lessons from the experience. First and foremost, how consumer confidence in brands and social media has the strong ability and responsibility to have a direct positive impact. The fundraiser, which started in late March, is still causing a stir around the world due to TikToker's incredible social media following Charli D’Amelio who went on the platform with an important mission: to save lives by encouraging people to abide by government and health regulations to stay at home.

Here are the key findings and insights:

  • Brand proposal is not marketing
  • The days when #spon was clapped on content are over
  • Do not negate the power of implicit trust and intuition

The 96-hour hustle and bustle

The campaign started with a series of phone calls on a Friday evening, the first from the governor of Ohio Mike DeWine to Procter & Gamble CEO David Taylor with one problem: the younger population groups of the state did not practice social distancing. DeWine was excited to see how the CPG giant could help publicize the importance of staying at home to smooth the curve and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Taylor then called the P&G Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchardwho after Debby Reiner, President of global brands at longtime agency partner Gray, and the ideas started. Within 24 hours, the Gray team, including gold, developed the #DistanceDance concept and worked with TikTok to sign D’Amelio. The next morning P&G Gray called with the official pitch and the rest was internet history.

Within four days, the following Tuesday evening, Gray and Tiktok D’Amelio had tapped to make the video. So far, the video has received the top title of the most viewed video on the platform and the most viewed challenge. The challenge attracted 15 billion views while the video itself was collected over 191 million views and over 2 billion impressions. As for original videos, more than 4 million were made by celebrities like Jason Derulo, Ne-yo, Migos, Ashley Tisdale, and many more.

Selection of a platform and an influencer

Kenny GoldGray's social media director said Pritchard had to navigate to basic obstacles when he asked for help. First, find a platform with inventory that can deliver the message in a new way that is appropriate for this audience. And second was time, because every day was important and Gray and P&G knew that time was crucial. The partnership with TikTok and Charli has helped us to solve both problems.

Barbara Jones, Founder and CEO, Outshine talent, articulated this idea of ​​real collaboration by stating, “Charlie and her family really understood the meaning of this message from the start. They went the way and they knew this was important. Because she has such an impact on her fans and her audience … she really had the mentality to have fun and the confidence to spread positivity and do something good with it. She was there with everything. "

Tick ​​tack& # 39; S Lauren pear tree added: “This was the first PSA brand activation that TikTok funded from a media perspective. We felt so strong for the cause and that our platform could pass this message on to the masses with great impact. "

The confluence of range, speed and agility

When asked about the nuances of their collaboration and measuring success, Gold, Jones and Birnbaum agreed that it was agility and trust behind their common goal to spread this important message. TikTok delivered the simple production and served as the largest megaphone.

“We needed a place with extreme reach and a place that would literally be a breakthrough. If it were anywhere else, we wouldn't have cut that deep. It was the right medium, the right time and the right level of production. Then we asked, who has the voice of Gen Z in his mouth? This is Charlie. It was really a flash in a bottle. "

Jones added: “I think TikTok also benefits the platform from not rethinking the creative. not to punctuate the ego and cross the T that you may think you need to do for others. The beauty of TikTok is its natural lightness. Sometimes, when you have big brands and agencies and you have a long lead time, it can hurt you.

"At TikTok we say that we like to run and in this case we sprinted as fast as we could," repeated Birnbaum.

When they introduced a team, a dream, when the group was asked how to measure success, they shared that reach and awareness are the most critical, as their overarching goal is to deliver a specific and consistent message to the intended audience bring to.

Influencer Marketing and Brand Purpose Dos and Don’s

If you want to entrust your brand and purpose to someone else's voice and community, you have to work together, Gold said: “It has to be a real partnership that is built together. The days when #spon was hit on a piece of content are over. "

There's a difference between social marketing and branding, Jones repeated. "Brands and agencies have to be one step ahead of the curve, talk to their developers and not just go to them as reinforcements, bring some small focus groups together and start crowdsourcing about what really works."

Birnbaum added that from a branding point of view, it is more efficient and cost-effective than ever to let go of the reins and rely on the Creator to convey the message as natively as possible. "Instead of a huge video shoot, you can give the talent this recognition and autonomy," she said.

With regard to the brand purpose, the group underlined the topics of loyalty, authenticity and mission to the boss.

Gold said: “Brand purpose is only as good as its ability to penetrate times like this. Branding is not marketing. Marketing is the way to live your DNA so that it reaches your audience. “P&G is a prime example of a brand at the forefront of its mission to get important products into the hands of those who need them.

Brands have to put things above them now more than ever, added Birnbaum. In this case, take P&G, whose branding and logos were almost nonexistent. "

The group concluded the campaign with a summary of their brand ethos in one word. The result: "Inspirational, teamwork, thriving and helpful."

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