One of the biggest mistakes slot players make is playing slots. And while there is some truth behind that statement, you will never win a jackpot if you sit on the sidelines. Even so, video slots have a ton of pitfalls and have been known to set punters on the path of self-destruction.

Play fast

Probably the fastest way to deplete your bankroll is to pick up the pace on the slots. Modern video slot machines spin every few seconds and at this speed, players can easily exceed 600 spins per hour. If you put it that way, the cost of playing video slots per hour is more expensive than some of the most popular table games.

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At first glance, however, a $ 2 spin might seem more tempting than a $ 10 blackjack bet. The real odds are only discovered if you think about them in detail. For example, let's say a slot machine offers 92% RTP, which means that the casino keeps the remaining 8%. At $ 2 per lap and 600 spins per hour, invest $ 1,200. However, the standard return is only $ 1,104.

Choosing the wrong video slots

Video slots are not all created equal, and the RTP varies significantly for a variety of reasons. While amateur gamers are often fascinated by high-end graphics, gameplay, and soundtracks, veterans keep a keen eye on RTP.

While this sounds like an individual preference, a higher RTP is good news if you're looking for a massive payout. In fact, lower RTP slot machines will inadvertently wipe your bankroll much faster.

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Fall asleep in the middle of the game

Slot animations are known to put players in a trance. The exciting and colorful animations, paired with bright lights and loud noises, attract players easily. Sitting in front of the screen for too long can put you in a deep trance state without paying any attention to your time or money.

Slot machines are designed for this very purpose, and players often sit for hours and lose. Another reason for the trance is losses disguised as victories. This works by the fact that the machines regularly pay out small winnings that are less than the player's original bet amount. This creates the illusion of profit.

Bad bankroll management

While poor bankroll management doesn't just apply to video slots, the latter are far less likely to cash out their winnings and go away. The allure of winning massive jackpots is far too great to beat and once you chase the big win you are sure to be doomed.

Casino games are cleverly designed with the explicit aim of slowly draining your bankroll over time. If video slots have fallen in your favor so far, the tide can turn anytime. Do yourself a favor and pay off if you still can.

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