The internet has democratized business like almost any other industry. The way people consume business news is changing thanks to disruptors like Morning brew and a constantly growing pool of content creators like Bullishthat focuses specifically on the financial markets.

And what about traditional commercial training? Studies show that MBA approvals had already declined across the board before COVID 19 – and distance learning is geared towards an increase as people increasingly question the high prices of IRL. This is a huge advantage for online education startups like Section 4who has the mission to democratize access to business strategy training.

During the #SMWONE The panel “Business, But Make It Human” was supported by the makers of Morning Brew, Section4 and Bullish Public.comMarketing manager Katie Perry for an open conversation about how new media and educational companies translate business speak for the mainstream audience. Public is an investment app that gives the stock exchange a social level and enables investors to easily share the "why" behind their trades and to exchange ideas in the comments and in special group chats.

Here are the key findings and insights:

  • Authenticity is the name of the game
  • New formats such as video and audio are the key to increasing noise
  • Humanize business content for the mainstream

Business becomes mainstream

While traditional offices like the Wall Street Journal still play an important role in how people learn about events in the financial markets, new players play an important role in analyzing this information for younger target groups who prefer to receive their news People who act the way they do.

Kinsey Grant should know. She cut her teeth as a traditional business news reporter before joining Morning Brew as business editor and host of Brew's popular business casual podcast, which you can read on Apple and Spotify.

“We are our main reader and listener. Many of the people who create content for Morning Brew are the kind of people we would target with that content, ”said Grant. "I know my audience well because I'm part of that audience."

In the podcast, Grant sits down with executives and entrepreneurs – among the youngest guests are Mark Cuban, Arianna Huffington and Chamath Palihapitiya – to give the audience an insight into the thinking of today's business leaders.

Their interviews also give listeners a rare glimpse into the humanity of these leaders. In a recent interview with Palihapitiya, she has the VC reveal its daily routine, which includes striving for 10,000 steps a day by pacing back and forth at his home during a call.

Brian Hanly, CEO and founder of Bullish, said he founded the media company after realizing that there was a niche in the market for people who were "curious" about public markets. His company focuses on illuminating his audience with unique formats such as mini documentaries and even a satirical series that combines astrology with personal funding.

"We are very focused on video storytelling," he said. For example, Bullish has just launched a series called Trendline that tells the stories behind public companies in a simple and talkative language.

Time to redefine the MBA?

As the universities close the year early and the fall semester of 2020 is in question, the debate about the rising costs for university graduates has accelerated in recent weeks. Section4s is the head of creative products for advanced business deals, particularly MBAs Jerllin Cheng says a lot of factors matter, but the cost is big.

"The MBA doesn't die," she said. "There are very few people who get an MBA and think," I have none of that. "But what you hear is:" It cost so much money. "

Section4 is an online education company based on the insight of Scott Galloway, the outspoken entrepreneur and NYU professor who recently signed a contract with VICE for a new business show for millennials.

According to Cheng, the main format for the curriculum is Section4 video. The focus is on training professionals with tools that are needed to solve business problems in modern times. It is not meant to replace the MBA, she said. Rather, it is a tool to make this level of thinking accessible to a wider audience.

"When you take our courses, it's okay if you don't know what EBITDA means," she said. "We're trying to make sure there is a safe community where it's okay to ask. You don't need to know the terms. We're really trying to teach you how to think and give you the tools to get the insights yourself . "

When leaders tweet

It would be difficult to have a conversation about humanizing the business without raising the issue of CEOs who, thanks to social media, can now share their thoughts with the world in real time.

Some recent examples include Brian Chesky's heartfelt employee memo about layoffs and Stewart Butterfield's revealing tweet storm about the impact of COVID-19 on his company. And then there's Elon Musk, who was never shy about presenting his personality and opinion on social media.

"What we see is a true leader of the 21st century. It's not just about shareholder value and returns, but also about employees," said Hanly. "What happens in many companies is a lot of indecisiveness. That's why I respect the directness of leaders like Elon. "

Grant added that consistency matters when it comes to whether a CEO who humanizes himself is viewed as negative or positive. And for managers who find their way in a crisis, there are only a few things that are more important than transparency and communication.

"Now, more than ever, the CEO is more valuable than anyone who is willing to be open to his own experience," she said.

The big advantage: whether you are brand marketing for a new generation of consumers, a media company that informs and maintains you, or an educational platform that trains you, authenticity is the name of the game.

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