I've been working a lot outside of the blog this week, wanting to share some of the personal things I've done (in case you missed it) and some cool things I found (in case you need to). Check them out using the links below.

Morning coffee with Malan Darras
I'm seven episodes deep into the 2021 season of Morning Coffee with Malan Darras. This started a few years ago on Periscope. We're back doing a live morning stream. My goal is to prepare you for a good day, to pump some positive vibes into the universe and to give back some of the inspiration that I find. Live streams take place on Instagram. Reps go all the way to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Coffee cheers.

I took one of the Morning Coffee episodes and made music out of it. I've never done anything like this before and it was a great time. It was spontaneous and came together in just a few hours. Listen

This looks like a good idea and is the perfect time to do it. Big Tech's (Amazon, Google, FB, Apple, etc.) business model is bad. These guys are evaluating small tech alternatives to big tech products. Its website states, “These are not big tech products that consistently show a shocking lack of respect for users, communities, and even democratic society. We need to move from big tech products to these better tools. " Listen

Quote from Patrick Rhone on Social Media:
"Current thought pattern: When archaeologists in the future after the climate apocalypse dig up the remains of our civilization and try to determine which catastrophic event destroyed them, they will come to a single conclusion:

Social media "

That's it for this week. See you in the future.


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