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9, 2021

6 min read

The opinions expressed by the entrepreneur's contributors are their own.

Some service professionals – speakers, coaches, trainers, consultants – have asked me what they can do to bring their message to a wider audience and impact more lives in 2021.

This is a good question because for a lot of people (including myself) this can be a really confusing exercise. There are so many tools you can use to get your message heard – speaking, networking, podcasting, and social media to name a few – that figuring out what the next best step is to get your name known can be overwhelming to make and gain more paying customers in the process.

Let's talk about some steps you can take to move forward.

Step 1: Create a clear, consistent marketing message

In general, there aren't many absolutes in business. However, when it comes to getting your message across to a wider audience, creating a clear, consistent marketing message is non-negotiable.

Why? Because if you can't clearly articulate who you are and how your product or service can resolve a pain point, then how do people know they need your solution? The short answer – they won't.

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Here are four questions to get you started with your clear, consistent marketing message.

  1. What is my real product? In other words, what are people really buying from me? For me, what people buy is not my coaching, but what my coaching helps them – namely a wider audience and more paying customers. Think about the result your service is delivering and that will get you going.
  2. What's my value proposition? In other words, why would people want to work with you specifically? Using myself as an example, people have told me that they value my 17 years of experience as a coach and my collaborative partner-style approach. Not all coaches are like that. And although that's neither good nor bad, it makes me different.
  3. What are the challenges you face? Which problems are really frustrating your shopping market? I've had people say they're frustrated by networking, blogging, and even thinking about doing a podcast, but with so many options on what to do next, they want some guide on how best to go about it can .
  4. Who is my supermarket? A shopping market is similar to a target market in that it represents a group of people who are most likely to have a problem that you as a service professional can solve. So let's say you are a weight loss health professional. Who is most likely to need your service? The answer is anyone who feels overweight. You may not be obese, but you may want to get in better shape. Of course, it depends on your business, and there is no right or wrong answer per se, but the important thing is to find out who is most likely to want what you have.

Step 2: optimize your platforms

Okay, now that you've nailed your message down, the next thing to do is reduce the number of platforms you are using to two or three. This can't be intuitive as most people think that expanding your reach should be about getting to more platforms. While that's the ultimate goal, I've found that scaling back to two or three platforms – and aligning with them – is generally much more successful.

To me, I'm a LinkedIn man and I have a Facebook group and a podcast. I'm also about to start my Facebook ad campaign. That's four for me.

Even if you are only present on Facebook and LinkedIn, this is a great start! Focus on growing that – and maybe a Facebook group later – and you should be ready to go.

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Step 3: make it easy for yourself to create good content

This is the overwhelming part for most people, but it doesn't have to be.

In my experience, most service professionals don't have an idea problem, but a problem with the organization of ideas. That said, if we can better organize the ideas you already have and simplify the actual content creation process, the "going out" doesn't have to be so overwhelming.

First of all, you want to go all in with video. When we talk about content, think of three to five minute videos that you can quickly produce on your phone.

Second, you need a place to gather your ideas so that when you're ready to record a video, you don't have to waste time figuring out what to say. I have a content folder where I keep sticky notes and loose leaf paper with different ideas. This way I have everything in one place and when the creative mood strikes.

You will also want to mark out a few focal points in your office / home where the lighting is nice and the decor is minimal. For me this is my office, my garden, when I go for a walk / hike, in my car, my kitchen and my living room. I like options, and those are places where I already know what the lightning bolt will look like.

Getting your message across to a wider audience doesn't have to be a big deal, but sometimes it can absolutely feel like that. However, when you have a plan and a clear message, the process is much easier to use.


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