We know content is our gateway to generating myriad SEO benefits for our websites. Granted, it's too easy to get into trouble after one too many content marketing campaigns.

In this Christmas 2017 edition of Whitebeard Friday (see what we did there?), Rand offers three new ways to add shine to your content creation efforts.

3 ways to give your content efforts a boost

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Howdy Moz fans and welcome to a special Christmas edition of Whitebeard Friday. This week I wanted to try and help with just a few tactical suggestions on some creative ways to pump up those content marketing campaigns.

I've seen that many, many people in the SEO world naturally invest in content marketing because content is the route to links, reinforcement, and search traffic. Sometimes these content campaigns feel a little stale or repetitive. So I have some creative ideas, things that some people have done that I think we can use in some of our work.

1. Niche groups

First, if you can identify these types of small but noisy niche groups in your community. . . When I say your community, it doesn't necessarily have to be people you are already reaching. It can be people within the community who generate content and are of current interest to your topic. Then help them amplify their voices, or their causes, or their favorite projects, etc.

So I'm going to use the example of being in the foodie and gourmet world. Here are a few foodies. But this small group is extremely passionate about food trucks and, in particular, they hate the laws that restrict food truck growth and that many cities don't allow food trucks in certain spaces. You have to jump through a couple of hoops to get a license. You can't be in one place permanently for a whole week. Whatever it is, whatever those legal restrictions are. As you serve this small group, you may think that content is way too niche.

The wonderful thing is that content gets amplified very loudly and very repetitively and can help you earn links and traffic to this small community. If this community is small and loud and feels like their voices are not being heard elsewhere, then you can build great branding within that group too. Incidentally, I would like to urge you to be authentic and to select causes that are also important to you or your company. Don't just pick something at random.

2. Products and Services

Second, if you can, try to find products and services that your audience uses or needs, but that don't directly conflict with your business. Then create a resource listing lists or rates or ranks recommending these top options. We actually did this a couple of times with Moz. I have this recommended list of agency and consultancy providers, but Moz doesn't compete with any of these providers. But it's a helpful list. As a result of listing these people and dealing with this type of process, a lot of these people pump up this content.

Here is another example. Foodie Moz, Foodie Moz sounds like a great domain. I should register this as soon as this hat stopped hitting the back of my head. I don't know how Santa Claus handles it. Foodie Moz is presenting the best cookbooks of 2017. Now Foodie Moz could be represented in the world of food and recipes. But it turns out the wonderful part is that cookbooks are something that their audiences use, but don't directly conflict with.

Since this is not self-promotion but is useful to your audience, the chances of earning links and reinforcement by appearing as a non-self-interested party are much greater. They offer value without asking for anything. It's not that someone buying these cookbooks would help you. It's not that you have an ulterior motive in rating that one number one or that one number two. You are simply putting together an unbiased set of resources to help your audience. This is a great way to do a piece of content well.

3. Content creators

Third, here, if you can, find content creators who have been very successful. You can recruit them, the people who have succeeded, to create content for your brand. In many ways, this is like cheating. It's almost like buying links, except that instead of buying the links, you're buying the time and energy of the person creating content that you have a high likelihood or a high propensity for, in that niche of content with what They create a successful track record based on their past and the audience they have already built.

Pro tip here. Journalists and media professionals, even writers of online media like a BuzzFeed or the like, are great targets. Why? Well because they are usually poorly paid and are desperate to build a portfolio of professional work. Some of these people are insanely talented, and they already have networks of people who have liked and helped grow their work in the past.

So if you can use a tool like BuzzSumo – I would generally recommend that, there are a few others out there, but BuzzSumo is really great for that – you can, for example, search for recipes and see the most shared content in the Recipe World list over the last three months. Then we can identify, "Oh, let's go. This person wrote the toughest recipe challenge gifts. Oh, all right. That worked really, really well. I wonder if we can see who this is. Oh, she works as a freelance I bet she can write for us. "

It's like cheating. It's a great hack. It's a great way to recruit someone who you know has a good look at their job. Give them the freedom to write what they want, create what they want, and then host it on your website. A great way to make content at a reasonable price that has a high likelihood of solid reinforcement.

All right everyone, look forward to some of your thoughts and tactics. For those of you celebrating Christmas, Merry Christmas from all of us at Moz. For those of you celebrating Hanukkah, happy belated Hanukkah. I know I'll be filming this during Hanukkah, but you'll likely see it after Hanukkah. For those of you celebrating a different holiday this year, have a very happy holiday season. We look forward to being with you again next week for another edition of Whiteboard Friday. Take care of.

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