3 ways a managed service provider can be your greatest asset

3 ways a managed service provider can be your greatest asset

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For almost every business, technology is one of your most valuable assets. You rely on your technical investments to drive your business and give you a competitive advantage in your industry.

Although your IT specialist may have kept your company extremely competitive and up to date in recent years, real growth is not possible without a refined IT strategy.

The reality is that one or two internal specialists simply don't have the bandwidth to assess and manage the growing technology needs of most companies – even SMEs. Tasks ranging from consulting to 24/7 monitoring to developing continuous improvement strategies are all related to your IT infrastructure, but a specialist cannot do it alone.

For this reason, many companies are turning to managed service providers who can offer cost-effective solutions and IT strategies that are tailored to specific business requirements. Here are three ways you can use a Managed Service Provider (MSP) as your biggest asset:

1. MSPs help you achieve higher cost savings

If your internal IT specialist struggles to take on all the roles that your infrastructure has to perform, the solution may be to hire another employee. In this case, however, you need to consider costs such as additional salary, training costs and benefits. If you choose an MSP, you can instead cut costs and access a wider range of IT resources.

MSPs are typically paid for by an employee, but without the need and expense associated with onboarding, training, and benefits. In addition, an MSP gives you access to an entire team of experts with different IT specialties, so that you can use a wider range of skills at a lower cost.

Because MSPs also have more time to improve their systems than a single specialist, they can provide 24/7 monitoring and other services that reduce total downtime – which every business owner knows can be very costly. Savings on the coast alone can quickly make investing in an MSP one of the greatest assets for a growing company, especially in today's market.

2. MSPs provide an IT strategy that aligns with the business goals

Over the years, you may have learned to trust your in-house professionals with third parties. However, these specialists may only be experts in a certain area or more likely to perform everyday tasks rather than in IT consulting or strategy.

Instead, if you deploy a broader team of experts, you can develop a short- and long-term strategy that reflects the company's vision and mission.

The specialists of a jointly managed IT service provider get to know your business and your values ​​before developing a strategy. After several consultations, you will learn what your company's goals are and plan to achieve them continuously. IT strategies have never been more important than today when most companies rely on their virtual presence, systems and tools.

3. With an MSP you get quantifiable results

Finally, MSPs help you get more quantifiable results from your IT. The team's specialists will show you the most important KPIs that you should consider when evaluating a project or strategy. MSPs strive to keep your availability rates at 100%, an improvement that can directly increase profitability.

If your team is currently working from home, 100% availability also increases the chances of smooth digital collaboration with employees and customers. Through these benchmarks and indicators, you can see quantifiable results in terms of both budget and profit.

Ultimately, these are the clearest indicators of quantifiable business growth that leads to improved customer and employee loyalty and loyalty. Without such services, it can be extremely difficult for a company to visualize and calculate the results of the IT effort.

With lower costs, improved strategy and more quantifiable results, a managed service provider can quickly become an invaluable partner. You can be one of your greatest assets while protecting your important digital assets while achieving noticeable success.


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