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It's hard to hire great talent.

Think about how quickly you can acquire business skills. You can start dozens of tests a day if you have the budget. You can write sales letters by hand every day to improve your text.

But adjust well? It takes a long time. It takes months to look at resumes, interview people and get them involved.

How many "reps" do you get each year for hiring?

Mistakes are expensive – I'm not just talking about wasting time and money. It can be exhausting for everyone involved. Whenever I had to let someone go in the past, I was nervous all week until Friday. And has anyone ever had to cry while you fire him? It is terrible.

There is pressure to make the right decision.

Despite all the resume that you can read and interview, there is always a feeling that you want to get to know the candidate better. Probably because shitting interviews is so easy these days.

One resource has given me a hiring advantage over the years – Personality tests.

No, I'm not talking about asking what Game of Thrones character you are.

I'm sure you've heard of the Myers Briggs test. I've never put much emphasis on this test, but I've discovered some bad personality tests over the years.

Once a candidate has completed all three tests, you will gain a deeper understanding of his personality and work style.

Do these tests yourself and see how accurate you think they are. Add them to your existing hiring process to make better hiring decisions.

I will share my preferred personality tests and the interpretation of some data.

My three favorite personality tests for hiring

In the examples I will present some of the tests that I did in 2015. I have some recent results from this year, but I'd rather keep them to myself for privacy reasons.

Side note: You should run these tests about every three years to keep the results up to date. I remember the lady who introduced me to these tests. Unfortunately, her mother died relatively young. She took the test the following year and so many things changed.

Before that, she put so much emphasis on her career and success. It wasn't that important anymore when this event happened.

1. Tony Robbins & # 39; Disc Profile Test (Free)

If I had to choose a test to assess a person's personality, it would be that. There are different versions of the DISC test, but Tony Robbins is the most comprehensive.

DISC measures your preferences and patterns when it comes to behavior.

Here is a brief summary of my results:

  • Crucial: Your preference for problem solving and results. I did very well here. I am practical and want to get results quickly. I am directly in my communication. I can be perceived as self-centered by others who are less confident than me.
  • Interactive: Your preference for interacting with others and showing emotions. I met on average. I prefer a democratic work environment over a dictatorial one. I can be an effective trainer for others. I could be more organized and pay attention to details.
  • Stability: Your preference for speed, endurance and durability. I hit bad. I always want to develop new directions or activities. Chaos is interesting to me. I am rarely satisfied with the status quo.
  • Careful: Your preference for procedures, standards and protocols. I did very well here. I would like to do a lot of research and explain before I dive into a project. I prefer to stick to certain processes and systems.

What I love about this test is that it deals with specific techniques on how to maximize your strengths and weaknesses.

For example, here are some of the weaknesses based on my scores, they perceive:

  • I am blunt to others without realizing it
  • A high need for perfectionism that may hold me back.
  • I'm in a loop between wanting to get it done as quickly as possible, but also wanting it to be perfect.
  • I keep a lot of my thoughts to myself and do not communicate enough.

These are clues, not facts.

This is where self-reflection comes into play.

I always felt that perfectionism was a good thing. I always bragged about being a perfectionist. I started doing more research and found that perfectionism held me back.

I used perfectionism to hesitate – I used it to protect my ego.

It is interesting if you do this with all of your employees and employees. There is a section on how you can better communicate with the person:

Download 2

I remember showing this to my employees for the first time and they had a "Holy Shit moment … that's super accurate!"

There are several DISC profile tests, but I found Tony Robbins' most thorough (and it's free).

2nd Wealth dynamics (Cost: USD 97)

Note: You can register as a reseller and buy packages for $ 50 each.

According to founder Roger Hamilton, everyone has one natural personality when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

According to him, there are 8 archetypes:

8 profile type

The website offers a more detailed assessment of the respective meaning.

If you are a creator, you love starting different companies. Think Richard Branson. These guys almost look like they have a bright, shiny object syndrome.

Mechanics love to build machines and systems. Famous mechanics are Mark Zuckerberg and Sam Walton.

A star loves the spotlight. Your personality is the greatest asset. Think of Oprah and YouTubers.

You can imagine how much dissonance there can be if your personality type and your work are not synchronized.

A star should not play the role of a supporter. There will always be tensions because they secretly want to be in the spotlight.

For example, when I hire a management assistant, I tend to someone who a fan.

When I hire a seller, I want to see if it’s one Dealmaker.

If you are leading a small team, it makes sense to have different profiles. If everyone in your 3-person company is a star, everyone will fight for leadership. If all three people are supporters, no one will want to become a leader.

3. Piston cost: $ 55

The Kolbe test is not designed to measure your intelligence or personality.

It is designed to measure the way you prefer to take action.

What does that mean?

For example, let's take a look at affiliate marketing.

  • Learn: Some people prefer to learn through learning. All their time and money is spent on learning. Others will only take action if they have to follow a "step by step" system.
  • Systems: Some marketers are intuitive. You look at something and know what to do. While some others break everything down into formulas and systems.

There is no right or wrong way to do things.

It's about knowing what to naturally align with and using a system.

Here is my Kolbe score.


High Fact Finder: I am thorough and precise when it comes to research. I have to do a thorough research before I make a decision.

Follow through: This is about sorting information. I tend to set up many systems / procedures, but only when needed.

Quick Start: This is about how we deal with risks and the unknown. Low = hates risks, while high = handles risks. I'm in the middle of it, where I prefer to check things out before trying them out. I can deal with risks, but I always try to protect the disadvantages.

Implementer: How to visualize and imagine results.

I meet at the bottom, which means I can visualize things. I can sketch things and get an idea of ​​the overall picture.

People who are high implementers have to touch. You have to see demonstrations. They prefer to build physical models.

Know each other to improve

These tests have improved my self-confidence in the past five years.

I have looked at some areas where I am weak and I have tried to improve them.

For example, the tests say I'm too blunt. I remember going to family reunions and my aunts told me I was too fat or too thin before saying hello! It was the environment in which I grew up.

But over time I realized that being blunt is not great. Some people try to signal virtue by saying they are brutally honest if it is just a code for them to be an asshole. It became clear to me that taking the few extra moments to think better and give feedback pays off.

Another is perfectionism. I have always worn perfectionism as a badge of honor. In reality it was a form of postponement. Perfectionism kills you in this fast moving world. It took me a long time to "unlearn" this mentality and insteadHigh shipping rates. ”

So take these tests and let me know in the comments if you have learned anything about yourself. Use them in the hiring process so that you can get to know your candidates at a deeper level before making a decision.

Photo of Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.

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