Online advertising is a great way to make people aware of your product or service. While online advertising can be divided into numerous aspects, I will focus on the Propeller Ads advertising network in this special post.

Before we get up to speed, let's talk about what propeller ads are.

What are propeller displays?

Propeller Ads is one of the pioneers in the industry. Over 7 billion ad impressions are generated every day. It can deliver traffic from approximately 195 countries. The platform is equipped with powerful tools for automatic optimization and A / B testing, CPM, CPC and smart bidding models and has retargeting functions. Propeller Ads also offer 24/7 live chat support to help you with any problem.

Now let's look at three ways that Propeller Ads has achieved its success. I'm going to break it down into traffic ad types, backend automation, and success stories.

Push notifications against OnClick ads against interstitial ads

Propeller is known for their ad inventory, which they have plenty of. It is divided into Premium, which represents their own inventory base on their own websites. Then they have brokers where they buy the unused inventory from other networks. First, let's talk about push notifications because I like push ads when I say it myself.

  • Traditionally Show push notifications are warnings on your phone. I also talk a lot about push advertising in this blog and even have some case studies on certain networks. These ad formats are definitely better than traditional in-page push ads. I tested it and I definitely think Propeller's push-only inventory is better. In addition, traditional push ads must be accepted by the end user. You can also deactivate the push warnings at any time. Propeller is constantly expanding its database by monetizing its websites with the Propeller push system.
  • In-page push ads works a little differently. It is a kind of warning where users see a dialog box. It will surely give you a high click rate and a high CPM as it can get people's attention. BUT it acts as a popup on the page.

OnClick ads is just a java script. So if someone clicks on this link, do so. In Propellers ad inventory, it can behave like a PopUnder and / or OnPage interstitial. PopUnder means that when a user clicks on a link, a new POP UP is sent to their destination, but the original page is redirected to the offer or the "advertised" page.

That would be an impression, but many partners consider it a click, which I think is wrong. You must treat the on-click ad as an impression. The craziest part I've seen is that you may see conversions even months later because users don't reset or clear their browser tabs.

The other format is that Interstitial AdsBefore loading a new page, a mini window with the user ads is displayed. It is a skippable format, but the user can decide whether to continue with the article or if there is something he is interested in.

These feel like native-style ads when you set up a creative and headline for your ad. It is definitely more traditional. As an advertiser, this means that you need to get the attention of end users with your ad theme, not impressions like push and pop.

All 3 formats are a great way to advertise. I mainly used push and pop in the propeller network. I tested interstitial, but it was a small budget that I didn't develop further. I know they have a growing push inventory. We discuss their traffic in the Advengers community from time to time.

Intelligent bidding, automatic optimization and retargeting

This is an area where Propeller Ads can outsmart other ad networks. They have a system that enables advertisers to gain momentum through their ad inventory. With a HUGE reach, someone who has landed on your website has to crawl through one of their ad inventory on the Internet.

When they do this, they remind the end user of your website or product. Which then becomes an action.

This is retargeting, which determines that a user who may have forgotten the final purchase shows them your ad to complete their order. We are all distracted and retargeting helps remind consumers of what they wanted to end their checkout process in some cases.

The other part is that the backend can be automated through an intelligent bidding system where the advertiser sets rules and goals to be achieved and Propeller tries to ensure that these goals are achieved. Propeller is not an ad network that only has ad inventory to make sure it has the best inventory for you and your audience.

Learn from others, Propeller buys case studies

Sometimes testing a new traffic source can be questionable. Yes, you should do your research as there are many people selling bot traffic on Fiverr. I see people shopping there all the time and I am surprised to see that they are happy with what they bought.

So yes, do your research. I advertised with propellers and also met them at events. I can say that they are real. They are constantly growing and want to have a wide reach for their advertisers. With this in mind, they offer case studies that they buy from their customers.

Yes, if you have a successful campaign, they will want to buy it from you as long as you write your strategy that users can learn from. This can be questionable because I know that many partners hate sharing. I personally have nothing against it. That's why I have a community where we share information about buying ads and buying media.

But Propeller will pay you for your success with them and they have several well-written case studies there. If you're skeptical about propellers, check out what others are promoting in the blog posts and see if that fits your niche and needs.

Summary of Propeller Ads

Propeller is definitely one of the biggest sources of traffic. The data traffic is not only authentic, but also a working platform that offers bloggers and advertisers many useful functions.

Once you've mastered the platform, you'll find that Propeller Ads is a tool that allows you to convert faster than most platforms. Again, they’re constantly expanding their ad inventory to make sure there’s enough inventory to meet your needs.

So think about it, think of Google Adsense. The reason why Adsense is so successful is that it is available on almost every website. Propeller Ads tries to be on every website and offers several new ad formats to buy.

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