If your business has a website and you are using that website to reach potential users or customers, search engine optimization always plays a part in your business plan. The old adage – if you build it, they will come – just doesn't apply when it comes to search engine rankings. You need to keep track of and track the data. And the AI-controlled accuracy of Zutrix Strives to "improve your SEO performance (so that you can do more with less").

Intelligent rank tracking

There are tons of tools out there on the internet that can help you improve your SEO efforts. However, part of the problem or lack of other rank tracking utilities is that they don't really mimic the experience of actual human users. For example, you can use scraping techniques. This leads to inaccuracies. Zutrix is ​​different.

Zutrix acts as your intelligent assistant and offers intelligent rank tracking that is powered by artificial intelligence. Instead of seeing the web through a bot's virtual eyes and scratching what is out there, Zutrix offers AI-driven accuracy that really reflects how real human users see the web.

In other words, it's "a rank tracker that behaves just like you, not a bot". This means that you can improve your SEO performance based on the most accurate and up-to-date information available. Track your website's ranking using hundreds of keywords and check not only the changes over time, but also how you hold up against the competition over the same period.

User dashboard

All of the pricing plans with Zutrix listed below include the ability to add unlimited domains to your account. This makes it easy to keep track of all of your websites and online businesses. The dashboard is clean and simple, with all core navigation along the left sidebar. It's easy to see your projects and domains at a glance, including the most recent update and your average position.

Clicking on one of your domains will give you an overview of how the website is performing. By default, a period of one month with daily data is displayed. However, you can adjust these parameters according to your needs. Above you can see the average change and the number of keywords that come first in the top 3, top 5, top 10 or top 100 of the Google search results, as well as the percentage change in the prescribed period.

Below that is a list of all of your keywords. For each of these items, you'll see the latest desktop and mobile ranking data, performance over time, the last update, the estimated volume for the keyword, and any tags or comments you assigned. You can force a daily update by clicking the yellow button based on the number of update credits in your account. Adding new keywords is just as easy.

For each of these keywords, you can dig as deep into the reporting as you want. This includes the ability to display geographic results.

Want to know how you rank for Chicago Bakery in Illinois? No problem. This is especially important for local, brick and mortar businesses like this, as it doesn't matter how well you ranked as a "Chicago Bakery" in Thailand. You can also share these reports live while you work with your team, showing them exactly what you are seeing, and determining where to go from here.

Neighbors and notifications

Clicking on any of the keywords in this list will immediately reveal some other useful data points. On the left hand side you will see your website next to the "neighbors" on the search engine results page. That way, you can visit any of the pages that rank near you in the SERPs and see what they are doing better (or worse) than you.

If available, your performance graph for that keyword is also displayed. By default, a daily chart from the last 7 days is used. However, you can expand this to the last 15 days, the last month, or the last year by plotting the data daily, weekly, or monthly.

On the right you can see which SERP functions are displayed for this keyword in Google. Are there any AdWords placements that you must effectively compete against for clicks? Is there an Image Pack, Twitter Snippet, Review, or Feature Snippet? How about related questions, sitelinks, shopping links, knowledge panels or a local teaser card? All of these can feed into your SEO strategy for that keyword.

While you will likely be checking into your Zutrix account regularly to monitor your SEO performance, the real-time notifications are another useful feature. You can receive notifications via Telegram, Slack, or email. Configure how sensitive these notifications should be. Are they triggered when your Keyword Rank goes down or up five points? Ten? Twenty? It depends on you.

Keyword Lab

It goes without saying that keywords are at the heart of any SEO effort. While you want to track your keyword rankings over time and against the competition, you also need to research them. This includes both if this is your first time following them or if this is a continuation of the ongoing effort.

You can research relevant keywords in what Zutrix calls the Keyword Lab. You get an insight into the estimated search volume, the level of competition and the keyword difficulty level as well as a list of the first domains that rank for the keyword, as well as their domain eligibility and Z-rating.

The click rate is also shown. While it's obvious enough that the first ranked website gets the most clicks, how about other websites in the top spots? This will give you an idea of ​​how well your website might be performing if, for example, it ranks third or fourth for your target keyword. Here it is also important to pay attention to the SERP functions for the keyword.

Zutrix pricing plans

Zutrix offers three main Pricing plans, This largely depends on how many keywords you want to track. The rest of the functionality – unlimited domains, keyword lab, competition tracking, local results, Google Search Console import, and advanced reporting – are largely the same.

The $ 28 basic plan allows up to 250 keywords, the $ 54 standard plan tracks up to 500 keywords, and the $ 99 advanced plan supports up to 1,000 keywords for tracking. Only the advanced plan enables white label reporting.

If you'd like to try the Zutrix Google SERP rank tracker before signing up for a paid plan, there is one too Free package no credit card required. You will still receive unlimited domains, real-time notifications, and the Keyword Lab, but are limited to 10 keywords and 10 on-demand updates per day.


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