In the world of affiliate marketing, there are many offers to promote. You can start with CPS, the original style of affiliate marketing, or the easiest way, CPA. I want to share with you an offer that is quite common as a beginner partner. Sweepstakes are the easiest offers to work with, especially if you are buying really cheap clicks.

First, take a look at my giveaway mini guide and explain why I recommend this to new partners in the CPA space. It gives you a good overview of what sweepstakes are and what to look for.

What are competition offers?

Simply put, it's a chance to win something for free in exchange for data. The consumer enters their details such as name, telephone number and email address in order to win the initiated prize. It can be a trendy new phone, a gift card for a popular business, or it can be very specific to target a very specific audience. Most of the time, these offers and prices are general and keep the audience wide.

Here is a recent example of a landing page offering:

There are now many networks promoting these offers in order to make data available to providers. One network I've been working with for some time is TopOffers. I worked with them on their dating offers and at the moment they paid me a huge payout for SOI (single optin) sweepstakes.

There are differences in terms of the type of competition you want to run. SOI, DOI, CC Submit – each type of offer also has its own payment level, as it enables the authenticity of the end user. The purpose of these sweepstakes offers is to collect data. The more they verify themselves, the higher the payout.

  • SOI is the lowest payout as there is no need to validate the lead.
  • DOI (Double Optin) is slightly higher as the end user has to verify their phone number or email address in order to participate. It depends on the advertiser.
  • CC Submit is a credit card submission that validates the card or offers a subscription trial service.

I usually only work with SOI and DOI. I've already submitted CC Submit, but I feel better as an affiliate just pushing the lead gene instead of doing a credit check.

Well what kind of offers are available and in what country.

They're pretty much everywhere as businesses need data. TopOffers has sweepstakes offers in every country and I think one of the higher payouts in the industry.

I usually work directly with the advertiser and TopOffers owns most of their sweepstakes offers. This means that a country that you want to operate that doesn't exist can bid for your traffic source.

TopOffers is very closely connected with its partners. The web portal offers partner offers for preview. However, in order to receive your link, you will need to speak to your partner manager to let them know how you will be promoting it. For example, which landing page, which traffic source, possible conversions, etc.

You want to make sure you are tuned for success. They even give $ 1,000 to new partners to those who offer sweepstakes by the end of the year. You must of course qualify and the conditions can be found here.

Now I've started running a campaign in an English-speaking country, now in the United States. I have a fixed lander based on what I found and started through spying. My The LP click rate is around 30% This is really good for a landing page, it's a very simple survey landing page.

The nature of the landing page is important as you want to make sure they get involved and then redirect them to the affiliate offer. Here are some results I got early after 24 hours for $ 20 a day.

The traffic source comes from 2 ad push networks. So after 24 hours it still converted negative. It will automatically block all sources from these networks.

With the help of TopOffers, they can recommend what I need to adjust, since they see pretty much the same data as me. What I can bring back into the networks that can help me shut down certain sources in bulk.

I'm going to test a new landing page that I found the other day. It is a gamified survey. Really unique, I think it can work well because it combined curiosity with high commitment. Yes, it might be a little longer before we get to the CTA, but I think it can go well.

Make sure you let TopOffers know of their high paying sweepstakes offers while I run this. It's a big payoff for comparable offerings currently on offer in the industry.

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