May 17, 2020


SMW employees


With the COVID-19 pandemic, tons of influencers and brands are trying to "exert influence forever". In last week's # SMWONE session, CreatorIQ's COO, Tim Sovay was accompanied by Lina Renzina, Ad Council's talent partnerships, to discuss how brand safety guidelines can be re-evaluated in this unprecedented time and how content -Creators can carefully manage their channels and influence.

Here are the key findings and insights:

  • Influencers run impact-oriented campaigns
  • The creators are responsible for the platforms where they share positivity and keep people informed
  • The key to brand security is review and verification

Overall, the creators have used their influence forever

“The developers are now delivering millions of posts to their audience to get interested in and committed to COVID-19,” explains Sovay. In particular, the content and campaigns published during this time show that there is a shift from "broader pandemic content to more causal and impact-oriented campaigns", especially on issues that are about thanking and thanking heroes Stay at home and support small businesses. Indeed, engagement for influencers has exceeded 4.6 billion in total, and Sovay says this is due to the efforts of influencers, brands, government agencies, and AdCouncil's efforts to work on this important cause and get people involved.

Mobilize the industry forever

During this time, the Renzina team at AdCouncil had to bring their customers together to respond quickly to the crisis and spread the news about critical news. They focused on five thematic areas: social distance messages, hygiene like washing hands, keeping orders at home, mental health and parenting. The team wanted to open up different markets and still bring out the "general news that the public had to hear in a short time", emphasizes Renzina.

With her talent partners, Renzina really wanted to make sure that influencers cast their votes on the topics that excited every influencer most. The exchange of critical and time-critical information had to be completely checked so that their platforms did not appear outdated or forged and should continue to be checked on an ongoing basis.

The challenges that have to be met during this time

More than ever, "creators have a responsibility for the platform they have," emphasizes Renzina, and it is important that they send the right message. Her tips during the session included always finding the source before influencers post anything (so make sure the source is credible and they are reviewing the information) and reviewing a post with a friend or team before posting it have spread widely. She also warns that influencers should not shy away from sharing resources at this point in time that could be helpful to their audience. While influencers try to strike a balance between positivity and global events, it is important to remember that good information should be exchanged so that they can potentially help others during this time.

So you stay brand safe

Savoy notes that some areas brands can take away are:

  • While individual companies' policies and risk tolerances are unique, brands and legal teams should consider adjusting the policies for COVID-19 content. This is a completely new topic, so the content needs to be revised for both the topic and the sound.
  • Because topics are rapidly evolving, content that is brand safe today can be very risky tomorrow. It is therefore important to stay agile and adaptable
  • To address some of these challenges, Creator IQ Influencer can search for brand safety keywords to help brands stay cautious when choosing their partners

How future and current content creators can stay up to date

According to Ranzina, checking talent is very important. With so much uncertainty, she shared her screening test "the good, the bad, and the ugly" with veterinarians. The good means that the creator is uplifting or brand-safe for a particular campaign or organization, the bad can be a red flag like posting something that may have been deaf in the past, and the ugly is a deal-breaker You don't. I don't want to align your brand. It is therefore important for brands to really look at the channels of the content creators. In these times, brand safety is particularly important.

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