1. Larger images in the Twitter timeline
  2. Higher resolution photo uploads
  3. YouTube videos in the Twitter timeline

Twitter confirms that it is testing long-requested updates for posting tweets with photos and is working on YouTube integration for better video experience.

With these tests, Twitter is working on ways to address some of the most common user complaints.

When it comes to posting photos on Twitter, users express dissatisfaction with how images are cropped in the timeline and the degree to which photos are compressed when they are uploaded.

To address these issues, Twitter is testing changes to the photo publishing process, including the option to upload 4K images.


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Twitter's file compression has also been the subject of complaints against video uploads. To address this, Twitter is working on ways for users to view higher quality videos through YouTube integration.

Learn more about the confirmed tests that may be rolled out on a larger scale here.

Larger images in the Twitter timeline

Twitter is testing a change to tweets with photos that display full-size images in users' timelines.

With this update, users can see what the tweet will look like when published in the Tweet Composer. No more cropped images that have to be clicked to see them in full.

This is currently being tested in the Twitter app for iOS and Android. If you are part of the test group, you will see full-size images on your timeline.


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Try it now on Android and iOS: If you tweet a single picture, the picture will appear in the Tweet composer as it looks on the timeline – bigger and better. pic.twitter.com/izI5S9VRdX

– Twitter support (@TwitterSupport) March 10, 2021

Until this change is fully implemented, photos tweeted by people in the test group may continue to be cropped to other users who are not part of the test.

Higher resolution photo uploads

Twitter is testing an update that will allow users to tweet images in 4K resolution.

This change will allow users to tweet high resolution photos that will retain their original quality.

Do you have a collection of higher resolution photos waiting to be shared? We're testing ways you can upload and view 4K images on Android and iOS.

If you're in the test, update your high quality images settings in Data Usage Settings to get started. pic.twitter.com/EgW5fsb8Z8

– Twitter support (@TwitterSupport) March 10, 2021

Currently, the maximum file size for uploading images to Twitter is 5MB. A 4K resolution photo can be many times this size.

Twitter does not specify what the new file size limit should be, other than "up to 4 KB".

Users taking this test will find the new setting for high quality images in the "Data Usage" section.

YouTube videos in the Twitter timeline

Compared to other websites, Twitter offers an inferior experience when it comes to tweets with videos and tweets with YouTube links.

The maximum resolution for videos on Twitter is 720p. When users upload a video in 1080p or 4K, it will be compressed resulting in a significant loss of detail.

Twitter does not increase the resolution for videos like it does for photos, but works to make YouTube videos a better experience.


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During this test, when users tweet a link to a YouTube video, it plays on the timeline.

Starting today, we're testing a way on iOS to watch YouTube videos right in your home timeline without leaving the conversation on Twitter. pic.twitter.com/V4qzMJMEBs

– Twitter support (@TwitterSupport) March 18, 2021

Users who are not satisfied with the compression of native video uploads by Twitter can publish their video in full resolution on YouTube and tweet a link to it.

Hopefully this will allow users to view it at a higher resolution than Twitter normally allows.

Twitter is currently only testing embedded YouTube videos on iOS.


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