It's been a busy week in our search industry on so many levels, but I'll start this round-up with the Google Webmasters Monthly Report. Then I'll go into not just one, but two different unconfirmed Google algorithm updates that were discovered this week. SEOs said that even though Google said the Google Page Experience Update won't be huge, they will prioritize the core effort of the Web Vitale. The DMCA process with Google may just be interrupted, I'm sharing a story. If your google-rich results are gone, it might not be a technical problem but a quality problem. Google recommends that large websites fit the pyramid structure. According to Google, your internal link gives Google a sense of the different levels of importance of your pages. Google said when it comes to pagination, don't index the pages that search engines don't need. Google Chrome supports scrolling to image and scrolling to video fragments. Google tests the results that are displayed, in which the filter is mentioned again. You can now configure custom notifications and performance information using the Google Ads mobile app. Google Ads is introducing a new evasive ad policy. Google My Business has a new help document that explains the new device / platform report. Semrush appears to be going public, the numbers are interesting. Last but not least, my former colleague Ginny Marvin joins Google as a Google Ads Liaison. Oh, and if you'd like to help sponsor these vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

SPONSOR: This week's video recap is sponsored by Loud Interactive, a Chicago-based SEO firm led by Brent D. Payne.

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