Pinterest is launching three new board features that will help users be more productive with their time on the platform.

Pinterest boards have become increasingly popular lately as the company sees their monthly boards grow 35% year over year.

There is a particular increase in new board creations in the following categories:

  • handyman
  • Workouts at home
  • Baby products
  • Essential goods
  • Gifts

Search queries and saved Pins have also increased significantly in the above categories. In addition, Pinterest points to a tremendous growth in the number of boards created for these products:

  • 36% more home decor
  • 44% more beauty
  • 95% more women's fashion
  • 83% more everyday essentials
  • 70% more Christmas gifts for families

With the surge in new board creations and the categories they are created for, Pinterest is releasing new features to help users get more out of their boards.

Pinterest updates boards with the following new features:

  • Notes about yourself directly on pens.
  • Ability to favor certain pens on a board.
  • A toolbar with quick access to board functions.

Learn more about the features Pinterest introduced this week here.


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New functions for Pinterest boards

Notes on yourself

There is a new area on the Saved Pins screen for users to add private notes to themselves. This makes it easier for them to revisit the pen and remember why they saved it in the first place.

Updated Pinterest boards with 3 new features

This could come in handy in cases where users save product pins to purchase as a gift, but cannot later remember who each gift is for. Of course, this is not information that the user wants to publish publicly. So a private note would be a great solution.


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This is just the first idea that has come to our mind since we hit gift season. Surely, users will find other uses for Notes if the feature isn't available for a while.

New board toolbar

Pinterest makes it easier to navigate boards with a new toolbar at the top of the screen that shows all of the actions that can be performed on a board.

The toolbar gives users quick access to the following actions:

  • Organize pins
  • More ideas about pins
  • View notes
  • Task lists
  • and more

Updated Pinterest boards with 3 new features

Board favorites

Pinterest is testing a feature that will allow users to mark top pins as favorites by tapping a star icon on the pins on their board. Then users can quickly find them again by sorting boards by favorite needles.


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According to Pinterest, active boards contain more than 150 Pins on average. Given the size of Pinterest boards these days, this feature seems long overdue.

Updated Pinterest boards with 3 new features

More information on new trends

Pinterest has more data on the emerging trends that were touched on at the beginning of this article.


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  • Babies: There has been a historic surge in baby product boards in the past six months. The number of Pinterest boards with titles that contain “baby products” has increased 78 times.
  • handyman: Newly created boards for home improvement projects are available, including “Homeschool Room Design” (11x), “Furniture projects” (+ 68%) and “Small Home Gyms” (+ 48%).
  • Workouts at home: Newly created health and wellness boards with titles such as "Training videos" (6x), "Fitness training for beginners" (7x) and "Grounding exercises" (5x) are available.

Source: Pinterest Newsroom


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