Have you heard more and more about SERP Checker tools in the past few months? But for some reason you can't find the best ones that meet your needs?

If you are, you can be sure that we have reviewed the top tools that can help you improve your website and attract more visitors.

Our observations show us that it can be difficult for you to get started if you don't yet know the world of SERP rankings. There are so many tools to start with that you scratch your head and wonder which one is best for you.

Instead of feeling analytical paralysis, the best thing to do is look at what a SERP examiner is doing. This will make you learn more and essentially gain valuable knowledge of how to use this tool in your company.

A complete guide to finding the best free SERP testing tools in 2020

We strongly recommend that you research as many SERP testing tools as possible, rather than simply choosing tools that are priced in the premium range, as these are the first to be shown in the search. To help you out, we also tried to maintain a balanced view and list free tools to start with.

In this list we will publish the best free SERP examiner tools for 2020 to improve your search engine rankings. First, let's examine what a SERP is and why a SERP auditor is critical to your business.

What are SERPs?

There are so many acronyms nowadays. So let's take a moment to define this. SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. This is, of course, the list of the results of a search you do on Google. For example, if you use the term "SERP CheckerThen Google searches the World Wide Web for the best websites, videos, podcasts, and more to provide you with the best content that meets your needs. Every marketer and business owner strives to get to the top of the search results. However, this is easier said than done. Even experienced SEO analysts find it takes time and effort. This often pays off because the initiative to get to the top of the results is a worthy goal. After the work to improve SERP results is completed, you as a business owner must continue to use a good SERP reviewer to determine if your actions have returned results for the target keywords. After you become familiar with SERPs, we would like to explain the meaning of SERP reviews.

Meaning of SERP exams

The goal of using a SERP reviewer is to use a systematic process of showing the top websites on Google and then finding out where your website is in the search engines. The starting point is the search results page of the search engine. Then use SEO to improve your position on Google and use the SERPs to guide you.

Here are the key factors why SERP results are critical:

  • You can fix your SEO problems by looking at SERP ranks and see what helps and what doesn't.
  • With the help of data and research, you can check your content and model that of the top websites on the SERPs.
  • The results of your SERP examiner give you precise insights into why other websites outperform you.
  • It helps you choose the best keywords that suit your target audience and niche.

It is helpful to understand the importance of SERP reviewers. However, it is also important to know how Google rates websites.

How Google rates websites and blogs

You know you see the SERPs after doing a keyword search on Google. But why does Google show you the websites in that order? So much content is currently online; Finding the right information can be a challenging task. It would take years to find the best material that meets your needs. That's why Google does it for you. The main task of Google and other search engines is to search the billions of pages online and to provide you with relevant and useful content as quickly as possible. More importantly, content is provided that is suitable for your request.

This is where the algorithm comes in, where it has to use a formula and a number of algorithms. These are programmed to display your keyword and then search for the most reputable sources related to your location and relevant to your questions.

Each criterion has different ranking factors, while the user always wants the latest content that is provided to you. Overall, Google and other search engines are the most concerned about their user experience, and will view organic and paid content accordingly. You then need to make sure that your content meets Google requirements by using a SERP checker as a search tool for search engine optimization. Let's start with the SERP checkers that can help you.

SERP Checker

This is one of the most popular SERP testing tools available to you. On SERP Checker You can quickly review your SERP results within minutes and view all Google results for a different number of keywords. The only criterion that is used is that your website is between 0 and 100 on Google. You can use it to check your website or keywords. You only have the option to check ten keywords a day. However, you can avoid this by registering for a free account. The best thing about it is that registration and getting started take at most 1 minute. Also keep in mind that it's mostly Google, not others like Bing.


  • Free SERP result tracking with minimal effort
  • Sign up and get unlimited keyword and SERP results reviews
  • Fast process and minimal waiting times to get your leaderboard.
  • Please note that this SERP check tool only gives you an impression of your Google ranking.

What is my SERP?

WhatsMySerp is also a free SERP review tool that gives you access to the 100 best Google results. You can even use it on a variety of keywords and check your website rank. This free tool is available online. Keep in mind that search engine marketers developed this tool to provide as many helpful functions as possible. They also understand that mobile SERPs are different from desktop SERPs. You have integrated results for mobile devices and desktops into the Checker tool.


  • It is a free SERP checking tool and offers powerful features when using this version.
  • You can opt for a free account to understand the value of unlimited checks
  • No unnecessary trial versions or credit cards required
  • Integrates and offers you SERPs for desktop and mobile
  • Designed by internet marketers with SEO experience


This is arguably one of the fastest and most accurate SERP testers in the world as rated by the designers. That could mean AccuRanker has a variety of powerful features that help users improve the SERPs. This tool is simple and clear, which makes your work a little easier. Most often it is optimized to meet the needs of the average internet marketer or SEO analyst. As soon as you use the tool, you can be sure that all results and rankings will be presented in the most optimized way. Of course, it supports multiple keyword rackings. If you have many websites, you can also manage them here. It is also a visual SERP inspector and displays data in graphics and diagrams of the keywords. Even the bonus shows that it shows you the progress of the keywords you are tracking.


  • The competitor's SERP checker is also available in the tool
  • You will receive a bonus social media tracker
  • Free live SERP checker that lets you generate keyword ranks from anywhere.
  • Without a subscription, you'll only get five searches a day.
  • You can also upgrade to access advanced features that let you search indefinitely.

SERP robot

SERP auditors like SERP robot will help you improve your ranking and be better than your competitors. This free tool quickly measures your search engine space and finds out who is at the top. The results are accurate and structured, and you get a real-time list of your SERPs when you run this SERP checker.

You can also check how your competitors are doing and understand their results for free by accessing thousands of useful keywords. You can check the ranking between 0 and 100. As with most free SERP testers, only "over 100" is displayed.


  • You can check your SERP results for free
  • With this SERP checker you can test your SERPs indefinitely.
  • Accurate results and real-time information for Google and other search engines.
  • Track your competitors with the SERP Checker and understand what they're doing so you can model and do better.

Final thoughts on choosing the right serp checker

These are the absolute best SERP examiner tools that will undoubtedly make your life easier in 2020.

Many have a wide range of functions and some can be accessed via a login. You may have been in the dark about SERP reviewers before, but with a little background, this list offers you the best free SERP reviewer tools to get you started.

Most are useful and can be a helpful addition to your digital marketing kit. Check the list and try to find out which of the SERP checking tools are right for you.

If you've read this blog post from SERP Checker Tools that can help you better rate the site, please don't hesitate to leave us a comment below!

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