I am seeing some evidence of yet another unconfirmed update to the Google Search Ranking algorithm that starts November 17th yesterday and continues today, November 18th. There is talk on the SEO forums and social media, and a lot of the tools are showing spikes, some really significant spikes on November 17th and / or November 18th.

The chatter hasn't gone off the charts yet as SEOs review their rankings and their clients' traffic and then post on the forums with great concern. But there is a 100% increase in chatter on the forums compared to a normal day. Let me share some of the posts from the forums.

The WebmasterWorld forums are slowly heating up:

Discover isn't zero now, Google started picking a few new items, but I'm still 90% down. It looks like it was a glitch or another update is coming out. Seeing strange activity for the first time in a long time … Both Semrush and an occasional check on our main keywords show unusual drops in the SERPs this morning. But our overall traffic this morning is heavier than expected for a Tuesday morning. Once again there are big fluctuations … A nightmare for us today in France -50% Seems like the conversions from the ads yesterday, but increased again today, again total death (and I am still firmly convinced that algo- Updates are now also linked to Google Ads). Organic tags in the morning also completely dead. It's like everything on Google is so volatile right now that you can't even plan strategies accordingly.

@rustybrick Hi Barry, Any noises about the algo update @Marie_Haynes a lot of fluctuation in the ranking.

– Dinesh Singh (@kumarsinghdk) November 18, 2020

Even though SEMrush Sensor doesn't show much movement, I am seeing strange jumps and volatility in the ranking today. What about you? @rustybrick #seo #serps #rankings #semrushsensor

– Markus D. (@seo_markus), November 17, 2020

And a few more …

Here are the diagrams of the tracking tools.

Mozcast (curious to see what happens later when it is updated):

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Advanced web rankings:

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Cognitive SEO:

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The local rankings are also somewhat volatile.


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Have you noticed any significant changes to your websites or customer pages in Google organic search?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.


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