Affiliate marketing. It seems like almost everyone makes money out of it these days: from social media influencers to passionate bloggers to major media company websites like CBS, the New York Times, and so on.

But what is it How does it work? And how can you earn money as a partner?

I am Geno Prussakov. I was fortunate enough to get involved in the early days of affiliate marketing. Now, 5 books, several conference presentations, and success stories later, I am excited to present my video course for beginners. In it I have summarized 20 years of experience in 14 eloquent video lessons. I want to help you understand affiliate marketing: in simple terms and in plain language.

Register here to watch it free (through December 4, 2020 12:43 p.m. PST)

In this video course "Affiliate Marketing 101" you will learn:

  • What Affiliate Marketing Is And How It Works
  • How Much Affiliates Earn and How They Get Paid
  • How tracking works and who are the main players
  • How To Monetize Online Influence
  • How to market through websites
  • How to become an affiliate when you don't have a website
  • Common pitfalls partners should avoid
  • Tips on how you can be successful as a partner

Important: This is a course for beginners (who want to make money as an affiliate). No previous knowledge or experience required.

Let's start this Affiliate Marketing 101 workshop now!


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