Yesterday, Google released a new short video on how Google Search works. This was specifically due to how Google search kept improving the results. This is clearly a response to the US Congress hearings a few weeks ago. The video is super oversimplified, but I think it does a great job of explaining what Google is doing to make changes to Search to make it better.

Here are my notes from listening to the video:

  • There is a lot of information on the web
  • Google's mission is to connect you with this information
  • Google shows predictive searches with autocomplete (this touches on complaints from the hearing about showing predictions that some may disagree with).
  • Google shows featured snippets and how they contain relevant information (this concerns complaints from the hearing about the theft of content).
  • Google also displays knowledge panels for a quick snapshot of people, places or things and relationships between them (this touches on complaints from the hearing as well as featured snippets).
  • Google said its goal is to get the information to you right away
  • According to Google, the ranking system helps ensure that the information is correct
  • Part of it works by looking at keywords and posting the last page (there are much more obvious).
  • Google said it wasn't perfect
  • However, if it goes wrong, Google cannot manually correct individual search results
  • Google said they improve search by improving the algorithms
  • Google made 3,620 search improvements in 2019
  • Google also updates its search policies and sometimes Google manually removes information from search functions, e.g. B. incorrect information in knowledge panels

Here is the video:

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