Hackers become a challenge for most businesses. They have become more agile as they try to breach your system. You can steal your company data and take advantage of it.

As you continue to do more online business, it is important to take security threats seriously or to expose your business to unnecessary risks.

We know how widespread phishing is online where methods have become more sophisticated. The only way to prevent this from happening is to use advanced software.

In addition, malware has evolved over the past few years, making it more difficult to detect. Also, there are more threats these days than ever before, such as: B. Zero-day threats, ransomware and more.

We know your business reputation is difficult to maintain when data is compromised.

That is why VIPRE Site Manager is designed to improve your company's security for your customers and personal use.

Let's start by unpacking the details of the VIPRE site manager.

What is VIPRE Site Manager?

VIPRE Site Manager offers an advanced security software solution equipped with machine learning that gives you the confidence to run your business.

VIPRE is a company that has served business owners and professionals for nearly 26 years since 1994. Their goal is to help you prevent data loss and loss of profits, and to protect your business assets online from hackers and other malicious attacks. They are known to use machine learning and a cloud interface to ensure the best protection.

To protect your corporate and personal information, when you use VIPRE Site Manager, you have the option of using a suite of software trusted by companies in the US and Europe.

They offer layered protection against the most common and also less known cyber threats.

Let's consider more detailed information about service functions.

Features and Benefits

These are the most outstanding features that you can expect:

  • Value-driven software that provides customer-level reports so you can personalize feedback accordingly.
  • Automated processes with very little manual input can help you keep track of information on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • View your threats for the month based on customers and provide a report that can be shared.
  • There is layered security, which means you have security at the file, network, and application level.
  • DNS filtering is done for networks and applications to increase security.
  • You also have access to a web access control add-on that is more secure online.
  • Also, use other security tools for safe browsing, such as: Internet Shield VPNto protect your home and business.
  • Manage your customers with ease as you can share responses to their data at the same time and with a few clicks.
  • Timely notifications help you make sure you are always aware of any threats that need to be quarantined. This can help you avoid an enterprise-wide data breach.


These are some of the advantages of VIPRE Site Manager:

  • High quality software for all-in-one services of the security suite.
  • It takes a lot of the stress and monotony out of your work.
  • It's easy to leave PCs and then, after reviewing, switch to software to approve updates.
  • Consistently easy to use and set up.
  • Advanced protection against malware, phishing attempts and zero-day attacks
  • Support your customers, who may be ISPs or other companies, to keep them safe
  • Pull in detailed reports to manage, track, and analyze all security breaches to prevent them from happening in the future.


These are some of the challenges facing VIPRE Site Manager:

  • Automatic updates can be temporarily delayed, but this can always be done manually.
  • Limited tech support, and there are call waiting times that last around 15 minutes during busy times. Support is available in the US and Europe.
  • The software is so comprehensive that you may receive some false positives via email. However, VIPRE adequately fixes this.

VIPRE Site Manager for Endpoint Security

In addition to everything else mentioned above, the VIPRE Site Manager has all the tools and functions necessary to provide a safe working environment.

To learn more about these settings, features, and how they work, take a moment to view the infographic below and read the full resource guide on the VIPRE website.


The price range is reasonable compared to other software, but we always recommend checking the most current price VIPRE.

You can also try it free for 30 days to test the features of the software before purchasing it. This will help you understand what to expect, how to use the service, and how it can help your customers and you.

Final thoughts

VIPRE Site Manager is designed for business owners to protect their business from unnecessary cyber attacks. You have gained some key insights into how the software works, what the challenges are, and how you can benefit from them.

You may have searched for the perfect security suite and if you look at the information you can see that it offers a layered approach to security. It uses machine learning and offers support in both the US and Europe.

Therefore, by going through the shared information, you may have realized that this could work for your business. We recommend doing a thorough look and research before purchasing.

You can also try the software by using a trial version that shows how it works before purchasing.

If you enjoyed reading this post on VIPRE Site Manager, you can read more information on the website Here.


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