Kevin Lee

In part one of my interview with Kevin Lee, the CEO is the Executive Chairman and Founder of DidIt. We talked about its rich history in search engine marketing and digital PR, and why it works so well for SEO. In the second part, we'll do a little bit of weed and talk about branded content, redirects, nofollows, and whether SEO is harder than PPC.

Branded content is important, he said, but he talks about breaking the line between 302 redirects and nofollow attributes on your links. He discussed how he will implement a branded content strategy for one of his new nonprofits. We then looked at his feelings as to whether 302 redirects forward connection signals versus 301 redirects. It was a fun conversation and he believes that 302s don't pass signals, but 301s do – despite what Google says. He then went super old fashioned by asking how in the early 2000s affiliate networks were doing 302s for their links, but then new affiliate networks wanted to get direct links to pass the SEO value on. These didn't last long when Matt Cutts killed them.

Then he dared to answer, which is more difficult; Do SEO or do PPC. He said SEO is more difficult in the sense that it takes longer to show customer value. PPC lets you show value to the customer almost immediately.

Here are the timestamps if you want them:

  • 0:30 – Nofollow & Disavow links affect Google search
  • 2:14 – SEO as a bigger picture, a holistic view
  • 3:25 – More marketing focus gives you more marketing budget
  • 4:34 – Branded Content They Need 302s vs. Nofollows In SEO
  • 6:52 – 302 redirects pass the link weight like 301 redirects?
  • 8:00 – 302s No link juice passed in commercials
  • 9:30 – Which is more difficult: SEO or PPC?
  • 9:51 am – Quick Success in PPC as SEO
  • 10:46 – Some SEO changes can have negative effects in the short term

You can learn more about Kevin Lee on LinkedIn.

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