As of Monday, November 23, there were some signals that Google was releasing another ranking update for the Google search algorithm. However, the chatter is almost non-existent while some of the tools have big changes. Here's what I see, but again, this seems like a very tight update at best.

To be very clear, Google hasn't confirmed an update, and Google released an update to Google Search before Thanksgiving. Well, that just seems wrong on so many levels. So I don't know if this is a really big Google update or if certain websites are just having issues.

Let's start with the tracking tools first. Most show large fluctuations.


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Advanced web rankings:

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Cognitive SEO:

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Here are some of the limited chatters at WebmasterWorld:

Today started off strong for a week of vacation with lots of international traffic and some unusual trade inquiries. Something is definitely simmering here in Europe. Semrush reports on movements in the US and Europe. Something happens? At least one side is suddenly better than ever. Strange

Edit: The page is now back in its original position.

I saw some changes in the UK this morning. Seems to hold up in the last few hours. Relatively positive for a change. Very few changes in my SERPs and surprisingly busy for a Thansgiving Eve … Notable traffic changes since yesterday. Presidential Set, Thanksgiving Holidays is the biggest opportunity to "hide" the update. So why not roll it out?

I also got a couple of emails and tweets asking me about this:

Hey @rustybrick, do you see wild fluctuations within SERP? I see high volatility:

– Taylor Kurtz (@RealTaylorKurtz) November 24, 2020

@rustybrick Traffic has been falling since Monday.

– Mehul Solanki (@ imehul1989) November 25, 2020

I have to say this is unusual as the tools are showing really big changes, but the SEO community is pretty calm. Maybe people are already in Thanksgiving week and not obsessed with it? I am not sure. I asked a few people who follow a lot of websites and they said it was pretty quiet.

Have you noticed any major changes?

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