We have made email marketing and landing pages completely FREE so you can grow your business quickly.

Our mission is simple: We offer powerful email marketing tools that small business owners and entrepreneurs like you can use to grow their business.

That's why we're excited to introduce AWeber Free – our totally free email marketing and landing page plan!

If you're just starting out with your small business or starting a passion project, AWeber Free has everything you need to build your audience today.

Watch the video below to see what you get with AWeber Free.

We present: AWeber Free

What is included in AWeber Free?

AWeber Free gives you everything you need to create great looking emails and landing pages, automate your email marketing and integrate with other business systems.

Here's everything you can do with AWeber Free:

  • Expand an email list. Use AWeber registration forms to expand your list. With the free AWeber tariff, you can send 3,000 emails to 500 subscribers per month.
  • Create and send beautiful newsletters. Access all of AWeber's great content creation tools – like drag-and-drop email builder, smart designer, hundreds of email templates, a library of professional images, and more Send newsletters that your audience will love. You can also automate your email campaigns, saving time and energy.
  • Create unlimited landing pages. Landing pages are a great tool to help you expand your list. Use one of our pre-designed landing page templates to get started.
  • Connect the tools you use every day. Access the AWeber integration library and connect with the tools you use every day to make email marketing seamless.
  • Ask us anything at any time: Ask our award-winning customer solution team questions by phone, chat, and email. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you succeed in email marketing.
  • Migrate to AWeber for free. If you are currently using a different email service provider and want to transfer your content to AWeber Free (or our Pro-Plan), we will do it quickly and free of charge.

With AWeber Free, you no longer have to worry about running out of time for a free trial. You can also open a free account without ever having to enter your credit card information.

Why is AWeber adding a free plan?

The world is different than a few months ago. The decision to add AWeber Free is made because many small businesses continue to face the challenges of COVID-19.

According to the US Chamber of Commerce's Coronavirus Survey for Small Businesses, 71% of small business owners are concerned about financial difficulties due to extended closings, while 67% are concerned about low business demand.

We knew we could help small business owners meet these challenges. We hope to use AWeber Free to remove the cost barrier to access for small businesses that need email marketing and landing pages but don't yet have the financial resources to access them.

We understand that email marketing is an important part of your future business growth. 79% of small businesses say email marketing is important to their business strategy. That's why we're making it even easier for you to provide the tools you need to build relationships with your audience and grow your business.

Ready to start?

AWeber Free offers you extremely simple, industry-leading features for free. Increase your business today with free email marketing.


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