Here is a good idea, a website that is archived and allows you to check for tweets from Googlers answering SEO-related questions. The site isn't perfect, but the concept is very good –

" archives all Googler tweets and responses about SEO so that you can easily pass them back on to your team or customers. Made with ❤️ for the community," is the website's slogan, and I love the concept. It seems to have been published by Matthis Duarte back in November, but I wasn't informed about it until Friday.

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I mean, I searched for [Title Tag] and [Site Experience Update] and nothing came up. I searched for [widget links] and the results really weren't that amazing. But the concept is good and I hope the search function gets better.

The concept is great. I mean, that's why I write about what Googlers say. I use the search box on this page to find it. But if this page can find something better out of ALL of the googler tweets, that's a huge plus.

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