Ranking at the top of search results is something every website, blog, brand, and business is talking about. Since there are few spots available for a keyword on that elusive first page from Google, it's a whole world of competition vying for the same thing.

So if you want to rank higher in search results, you have more than just content creation and link building tasks. SEO is something that needs to be monitored, improved, and put into action every day of the week.

For all of this to come together, website owners and brands need to have a reliable SEO and keyword research and monitoring tool in place.

Today we're taking a look at the Sitechecker keyword tracking and monitoring solution, highlighting its numerous features and tools, and showing why it might be the ideal solution for your website.

Introduction to Sitechecker Pro

Sitechecker is an all-in-one solution that enables website owners and brands to properly track and optimize the performance of their search rankings. In addition to providing users with a wide variety of SEO rankings and reports, the solution also offers on-page SEO reviewers, website SEO reports, SEO monitoring and much more.

Personally, I immediately look at the various rankings for so-called "SEO tools and solutions" to see whether they can actually rank for what they preach or promise to offer.

What good are they if a SaaS can't rank for the most competitive conditions out there (for which they are competing)?

After a short analysis, I was pleased that Sitechecker was ranked on page 1 for keywords like "Website Checker", "SEO Check", "SEO Analysis", "SEO Backlinks" and more.

Now that we've got that quick intro analysis out of the way, let's take a look at some of the tools, features, and reports that Sitechecker has to offer.

Create an account and your first site project

The first thing you can do is sign up for a free account at https://sitechecker.pro/.

When you join the website, it's extremely easy and quick to set up your websites and accounts for reporting and monitoring.

The first steps in this process are adding your site domain name, choosing your site auditing and monitoring settings, adding Google Analytics / Search Console integrations, setting your Rank Tracker updates and reports, and adding the ones requested Keywords and search phrases for tracking.

After that, it will take the system 10 to 15 minutes to crawl your website and provide your first keyword ranking report. During this time, you will also see an active progress report for your website, showing what is being scanned and what problem areas have already been targeted.

On the left side of the members' area you will see a navigation bar that gives you access to each of your site projects, the main dashboard area, site audit reports, rank track tools, and more.

Once the first report is ready, Sitechecker will give you a full site review and highlight the various areas of your site that could be improved.

Clicking any of the sections in this report will provide you with a resource on how to troubleshoot and resolve each issue. An ideal score for your website is in the range of 80 to 90+. Therefore, resolve any critical issues first, then go through the warnings.

Sitechecker SEO and Keyword Rank Tracker reports

As important as site reports and audits are, most users will log into Sitechecker on a daily basis to monitor their keyword movement reports.

Using the keywords you originally added to your website when you signed up (or which you can add at any time), the tool gives you easy-to-follow reports on where your website is currently ranking in search results.

Click on one of these keywords or search terms. This will immediately bring up a new screen showing the top ranking for such keywords and the ranking of your competitors. This graph also shows movement of the rankings in the graphics area.

The more time you spend analyzing your website and looking for rankings using the tools offered by Sitechecker, the better you will understand and benefit from the solution.

In addition to the main tools and functions highlighted so far, Sitechecker also offers on-page, traffic and rank checkers, as well as backlink and link strategy tools and recommendations.

And as can be seen in most of the screenshots, there is also the option to add the Sitechecker Google Chrome extension, which makes reporting, analysis and optimization even easier. This plug-in is currently used by more than 30,000 users.

Online Sitechecker Testimonials and Reviews

As with any online solution or membership that you invest your time and money in, it is important to see what other websites and platform users have to say about it.

If you search for Sitechecker on Google, you can find there are hundreds of positive reviews on sites like TrustPilot, Capterra, FinancesOnline, AccurateReviews, SoftwareAdvice, and other reputable websites.

You can also visit the Sitechecker Facebook page and see plenty of testimonials and reviews there.

Sitechecker pricing plans

As with all great tools and solutions on the internet, the best ones come with a price tag. The good news is that as SaaS increases, the cost of extremely advanced and expensive solutions is now cheaper than ever.

This is exactly what you will find at Sitechecker.

It is free for everyone to visit the website and create an account. However, to take full advantage of its features and access Keyword Reporting, you will need to upgrade to one of the following plans.

  • Basic: $ 19 / month – 3 websites – 150 keywords
  • Beginning: $ 29 / m – 5 websites – 500 keywords
  • Growing: $ 69 / month – 10 websites – 1,000 keywords

Depending on the needs and budget of your website, the basic and startup plans are the most popular as they are quite affordable and allow you to add 3 to 5 websites to your account.

There is also the option to further reduce the monthly payments by signing up a year in advance. This leads to a saving of 20%.

How to get the most out of your site with Sitechecker

As with all SEO, site audit, and rank tracking tools, it's important to find one that you are familiar with and that is easy to use too. It's also important to make sure that you have the necessary optimization, research, and keyword analysis tools to continuously improve your website.

These are all important features and components that Sitechecker definitely already has.

With 30,000+ paying customers on the site, it's worth adding your website and keyword rankings to see what areas of improvement might be waiting for you.

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