Are you blogging for a few extra dollars?

Obstacles keep you cold. Any blogging obstacle – or life obstacle – prevents someone from blogging for little because we can easily do without a company that you value little. The less you care, the faster and easier it will be to find resistance the first time. Blogging to pay the bills is also not a price. Blogging to cover bills can help you overcome most obstacles.

Expect to blog just enough to earn money to cover your bills. Don't expect anything more. However, blogging for fun, liberation and spectacular dream drivers inspires you to face, feel and solve all the obstacles on the way to realizing your dream. Visionaries just don't give up. Visionaries face fears that fire all kinds of obstacles.

Some think I'm happy. I have faced many obstacles over the years that have been fueled by strong fears. Why? I wanted to be more free to orbit the globe than I feared to face obstacles. I made this decision by visualizing my dream life and feeling that the picture was true. The same goes for you. if you also want to visualize your dream life in detail. Everything is up to you.

Blogging for a few dollars – or to meet survival needs – never works for a long-term, sustainable, and ever-growing solution. Being the one who mainly blogs to survive guarantees that you stop before facing any obstacles to a higher blogging income.

Feeling good about paying bills this month shows a huge red flag. If you're comfortable, you can relax, put your feet up, and stop blogging as soon as you settle your bills, at least until next month. Low expectations entail low-energy measures.

Why not dream big dreams? Life feels funny, liberating, fulfilling and sometimes scary – necessary event – for dreamers. Dreaming inspires you to blog late into the evening. Dreaming inspires you to blog early in the morning. Dreaming inspires you to clear up fears – without panicking – during tender, new blogger months when the income is zero, while you learn, practice, create and connect generously.

I can honestly say that blogging, more than anything else, is a journey of emotional intelligence.

Any successful blogging strategy is simple. All blogging strategies are easy to understand. But most bloggers struggle because most are afraid to do simple, liberating, sometimes very uncomfortable, even scary things that have long been feared. I don't care how easy something feels; If you do the simple things more than you want to free yourself, avoid it, do it, fight and fail. Everyone can read a post and post a real blog comment.

Easy. Few do this because fears about blog commenting cause most bloggers to avoid the bond building activities. Develop your emotional intelligence. Sit down with fears. Persistently do simple things from generous energies. Position yourself to be successful.

You only do simple but sometimes uncomfortable things by choosing funny, liberating drivers. Imagine that you are afraid to write your first eBook and publish it yourself. If you introduce yourself every day to the beaches of Fiji, you can write the eBook and publish it yourself, despite the horrors of:

  • waste your time
  • To be criticized
  • nobody buys your eBook
  • feel confused and / or intimidated by the process

The eBook using the link above describes how to create an eBook. Bloggers fear self-disclosure due to intimidation issues related to formatting, writing and the like. Fear raises her ugly head again. But visionaries who dream fun and liberate dreams:

  • Buy the eBook
  • Read the eBook
  • take notes
  • study the notes
  • Put the notes into practice
  • Create and publish a successful e-book later that promotes business growth

If you imagine your fun and free your dream life, you will overcome your fears and make a detour to fight, failure and quitting.

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