Anxiety manifests itself when greed kills blogging careers.

Smart, smart bloggers who follow powerful, successful strategies sometimes generously stop doing what works for what doesn't. What didn't break doesn't have to be repaired. What do your metrics look like now? Well? Do this with generosity, perseverance, and patience.

Congratulate yourself; Success is imminent. Nothing broke. In fact, everything looks perfect. But never allow greed for fear to cloud your mind. Bloggers fear they will have to go further, but everything is unfolding at the perfect time. However, if you trigger fear of greed, you need to fix something that doesn't need to be fixed.

Bloggers choose any number, e.g. B. Earn 6 numbers a year or earn $ 10,000 a month. Guess what? Numbers are meaningless. Numbers are worthless. Numbers are not sentient. Numbers are zero. Who Ever Died Regreting the Loss of Number Accumulation? Nobody. But you'd be shocked – or maybe not 😉 – to discover how many bloggers try to break what never broke, because the meaningless numbers interpreted by the prism of fear make you do what you don't wanted to. Numbers are like that.

Fear is like that. Greed is definitely like that. Solution? Fall in love with the blogging process. Have fun helping. Follow proven blogging strategies from professionals. Carry on what works. Ground yourself in generosity, patience and perseverance.

Never revise your successful blogging campaign because success doesn't seem fast enough for you. Bloggers who generously create and make contacts for months or years can sometimes fire people on bail and spam. The deposit indicates that bloggers believed that the create and connect strategy didn't work.

These bloggers end what apparently didn't work – but it worked well – and do what definitely doesn't work 100% of the time. Spam never works because spam has no value. If you do not offer any value, you will receive no value. But offering value through creating and connecting ultimately brings value as traffic and profit. Give value. Get value. What you did just works perfectly, but the results flow slowly and steadily if you blog properly.

However, you need to blog properly for a while before the results you want will arrive. Patience, young grasshopper. Go through the journey. What works works. Go through the process.

Don't panic or bail because you haven't gotten rich overnight, for months, or for a year. Don't assume that your strategy will fail. You fail. Strategies work great in the long run. Plus, you probably won't fail a bit, but your greed manifests as impatience and colors your blogging campaign as a failure.

Some bloggers do an excellent job after having funded the basics of success for months. But fear drives them to blog the right way, to blog the wrong way. Error follows. Some jump back on the right blogging move. But you know what's going to happen next. Impatience leads to a change in strategy and fails.

Never get lost in the vicious circle of right blogging and wrong blogging because you are trying to develop a flawless blogging strategy. The generous creation and connection serves as a flawless, perfect blogging strategy. Add patience to the recipe. Throw in a dash of persistence. Throw in a dash of generosity. Trust yourself. Trust the blogging process. Success will find you.

Never try to repair what has not broken at all. Go through the journey. Be patient. Good things take time and generous service to make your dreams come true through blogging.


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