June 2, 2020


Erica Perry


For years, Instagram developers have been using the platform to transform their passions into livelihoods, inspire their communities, share their lives and build their personal brands from scratch. Until recently, they had to rely on indirect sources of income to fund their goals such as branded content and sales of goods. Now, however, the platform is revealing the next stages of monetization, including opportunities for developers to make money with their content on Live and IGTV.

The following is new and noteworthy:

IGTV ads

In recent months, developers have introduced Live in a fundamentally new way, which has resulted in a 70 percent increase in views from February to March. The platform takes advantage of the trend and at least introduces IGTV ads 55 percent of the advertising revenue shared with the creators. According to the announcement, ads will initially appear when people click to preview an IGTV from the feed. They are mobile and last up to 15 seconds. The first brands to show IGTV ads include Sephora, Puma and Ikea.

"The opportunity to make money with the content that I am already creating motivates me even more to share more of myself with my followers on IGTV," said one creator. @avaniand supports badge testing.


Especially in this time of crisis, Instagram saw an increase in users who support their favorite creators with live comments, donations and likes. Whether you are a fitness trainer, live DJ or chef – in times of social distance, live videos were of central importance in order to stay connected and to continue to deal with the things they love.

Badges are offered in three different price levels 99 cents up to $ 4.99. In addition to displaying the badge under their username, users who buy them can stand out from the crowd of comments, but can also unlock features, including placement on a special list of badge holders held by the creator, and of access to a special heart emoji,

"Providing a variety of monetization tools is critical to supporting all developers on Instagram, from emerging digital stars to established entertainers to everything in between," said Instagram's COO Justin Osofsky in a statement on Variety. "We are excited to include these two new sources of income in the mix of developer tools to help them generate additional income to help them continue their work."

Promote funding

The platform is also making efforts to improve advertising. In April, for example, the platform redesigned its standalone IGTV, revealing to users the ability to test their IGTV content in their stories with 15-second clips instead of sharing those videos with stories via static stickers.

More recently, Instagram has introduced live shopping, which enables products to be tagged during a live video. With a view to the future, shopping will be expanded with wider access Brand Collabs Manager and creators who want to sell their own goods through the app. On the surface, these may seem like small updates, but they underlie Instagram's great mission to help developers support their tools and community in an authentic and meaningful way.

While monetization tools for Instagram are a long time coming, it's probably worth waiting for the top developers and motivating them to post more often so that IGTV can present more IGTV content to a wider audience and further expand the offering you can compete better with YouTube and other players.

“For it to work, Facebook's own photo and video sharing network needs to establish itself as a“ must-watch channel ”to disrupt what's already on the market, including View Facebooksaid Mary Keane-Dawson, CEO of the influencer marketing agency Takumi Group.

For more insight from Mary into the state of influencer marketing and why authenticity should be central to your strategies to secure long-term audience relationships, see our summary of her last session at #SMWONE Here.

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