I spent time in the Middle East. Actually 3 months.

My wife and I spent 1 month in Qatar and 2 months in Oman. Magical places. Visiting the souq or market place turned out to be a special experience. I watched traders haggle over spices, poultry, carpets, and all kinds of goods. If you want to see an entertaining, insightful drama in action, check out the barter in a souq in the Middle East.

Nothing like that. But most bloggers never understand what it's NOT like to be a professional blogger, like haggling, trading and negotiating in a souq in the Middle East. Pro blogging is about setting fixed prices and either paying or going ahead.

I scanned my email a few moments ago. Most bloggers who received my fixed price for sponsored posts and guest posts replied with:

"I have no money to pay your installment. Can I get a free contribution? "

Some complained about not having a big budget. There were barter deals. Someone wanted a half discount. Others wanted a slightly cheaper price.

Imagine that I started bartering like in a Middle Eastern souq. Going back and forth, haggling, and negotiating seems perfect in a market in Doha or Nizwa, but none of this seems to go without saying for a serious, professional blogger.

I've swapped in the past. But swapping hours of my precious time for months, because I had to spend those hours writing guest posts like this, not with bloggers who had little or no money. Unfortunately, most bloggers never realize how much time it takes to trade with a professional, because professional bloggers have two strong qualities: posture and leverage.


I have an attitude. I am self-confident. Pay my price or continue. All professionals have an attitude because you are only armed with attitude, self-confidence and clarity. Professionals know that success flows to them. Either pay fixed prices or leave the exit phase because a customer waits around the corner at full price. This is how you become a professional. be clear. Never trade with a professional. Either pay their price or keep going.


Whenever someone tries to trade with me, these bloggers don't understand:

  • Thousands of bloggers throw me up just like them and flow to me on an apparent conveyor belt
  • you opened me; I didn't hit you
  • I am able to accept or decline your offer

The use of ties is deeply anchored in posture. I have improved my skills over the years and have worked generously to raise my profile and credibility to the extent that bloggers offer me opportunities. I never do business.

I have never offered a business, business idea or opportunity to anyone during my 10 years online, other than 2 people who post guest posts. Even then, one pitch was experimental for a well-known blogger with blogging tips, and the other pitch found a 2 million-member community on Facebook via the blog.

Reach professional bloggers with an open heart and an open budget. Pay to play. Be ready to invest money in growth, progress, and progress. Never swap. I mean that. Forget negotiations or barter deals like haggling in a Middle East souq.

Bargaining works perfectly in these environments because it is where business is done. Haggling doesn't work at all for professional bloggers. Professionals delete emails, ignore emails or haggle with junk / spam. Professionals don't have time for tire kickers. Professionals deal with free editions, reputable bloggers who pay generous prices to access the sweet benefits of posting on top blogs.


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