At times like this it is sometimes difficult to find the silver lining. We are in the doldrums of quarantine, many of us have suffered losses, some of us are trying to teach and work at home at the same time, and the daily headlines are terrifying. So in the midst of this crisis we wanted to find out: "Where can you find hope?" Almost 300 people in the SPI audience answered our question. Here are some answers (edited for the sake of length and clarity) that we found particularly inspiring, and we hope you find encouragement in them as well.

“I hope that my husband and I, as well as many other people in many other industries, will clearly recognize that we can and must take our careers and income streams into our own hands more than ever. The world is changing fast and there are opportunities like never before for innovations and new ways of doing business and making a living. This pandemic could be the impetus that people need to pursue a new lifestyle with more control. "

“Although life was a bit crazy when five children were taught at home, there were many unexpected opportunities that COVID-19 had. I have had the goal of conducting a news interview since I started my company a few years ago, and recently I had my first news interview with KOIN6 in Portland. I was also an "expert" in my field for two last-minute parent conferences that were put together to help parents during quarantine. While working from home with five kids is not a walk in the park, this time I wouldn't trade anything with my kids! We have awakened so many memories – backyard camping, homemade popsicles, one-on-one discussions, homework, baking challenges, forts, reading new books, movie nights with the projector and lots of tears and hugs. I hope when I see what made this challenge possible and for me, not only for my company, but also for my family! "

"I found a clear pattern of how I see the world. I feel happy and content when I'm action-oriented and approaching my goals, and I feel frustrated and desperate when I stagnate and don't grow as a person. My positive outlook is the direct result of deliberate measures that stimulate personal goals. One way or another, we'll all end up on the other side of COVID-19, but it's up to us how we show when this time comes. Will we have developed personally, professionally and spiritually or will we be exactly the same person as when we started? "

“What gives me the greatest hope right now is to learn how to turn my decades of tech sales and account management careers into opportunities to serve people. I want to teach prospective, new or difficult sellers what I have learned long and hard. I hope they excel as quickly and easily as possible. Who knows, a lot of people may sell something to make a living once the COVID 19 crisis is over. This journey gives me hope because I need my sales experience, for which I have worked very hard, to help others who may need to make a career change. "

"I hope when I see all the great entrepreneurs come together to support each other through summits, workshops and offers that serve people where they are."

“I am inspired by so many people who help the needy. Little things like my pastor going out and replacing the water heater for one of our members or bringing a meal to one of our older members and chatting from the car to their porch. The other thing that gives me hope is the AMAZING creativity of our business world! From word camps online to our drive-up farmers market, entrepreneurs find ways to stay afloat that they would never have considered or would have had no time to implement. I am excited to see how this will work if we can move freely around the country again. "

“Here are the things that give me hope: human innovation. Very smart and friendly people who are working to make this a better place. The helpers, as Mr. Rogers' mother emphasized. The human spirit to keep getting up and getting out of the ashes. "

“My faith, trust in God, my family and my followers give me all hope. I talk about the pandemic in my blog, in newsletters, in my Facebook group and on Instagram instead of ignoring it. I get a lot of great, supportive feedback (and hope I give it too). I tried to put together an eBay email challenge to give those who may have lost their jobs a chance to make some money. It was really successful. "

"My son gives me hope. He is eight months old and as happy as he can play with mom and dad all day. He reminds me that you can always have joy with the people you love. "

"Instead of focusing on what's going on, I use this time to learn new skills that will allow me to leave my 9-5 job soon. I love spending more time with my daughter, Improve my SEO skills, teach me how to use Adobe Illustrator, and focus on writing more blog posts with user intent, and I am more motivated than ever to do some of the things I always wanted to do have. "

“This gives me hope: a trip that I am planning with my father. The trip is supposed to celebrate his retirement. I love to travel, so I can look forward to it. "

“The rules as they are are thrown out of the window. The way 9-5 workers and employers view job flexibility will change the way we connect, and our simple freedom of movement will be suspended at least for a while. All around us it happens to wipe the noise and see what's really important. And for some it brings out the best. "

“I am a speech therapist and can serve my clients through teletherapy. It gives me hope to see how they work on their communication skills despite the pandemic. "

“I've always believed that bad times create opportunities. It may take some time to rebalance and adjust to the loss, but then the world is open to new opportunities. I had to close my private practice. . . Partly because it didn't make financial sense to continue, but also because of COVID-19. I loved it, but I'm making this change an opportunity to create a blog and webinars – another kind of business that I hope will lead to big financial rewards at my age 60! "

"I appreciate the extra time with my teenagers! You will be away from home every day and we have great conversations and play time !! My husband makes respirators and masks and it is amazing to see that all parts of the supply chain work quickly to increase production. He says everyone works hard! A bigger goal helps people to concentrate properly. "


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