When 2020 started, everyone looked
further on. It was the beginning of a new decade and almost everyone had theirs
own New Year's resolution carved in stone. Everyone thought that was the year
You will finally get control and start doing the things you love. To the
Some people, their new plans included seeing their friends more often.

For others, this was the solution
travel the world. Or at least visit a handful of new countries and locations.
Some people wanted to work on themselves and start training. But nobody
planned for what happened. From a small outbreak of a virus in the city
Wuhan, COVID-19 started to spread all over the world. Click here
to read more.

Now many countries are closing completely
their limits. It is an invisible enemy that the whole world has to face
together. We all need to be healthy and informed as much as possible.
Most people think it's just like the flu, but that's wrong. It is much more
contagious and dangerous. You need to know what it is, how to fight it and
What should I do.

is it?

There is still a debate about whether viruses are living beings or not. This is because they can only multiply in the cells of other organisms. They infect organic beings. This includes people, animals, birds, plants and also bacteria.

We will try to explain it. When a virus comes
it sticks to a cell and releases its genetic material. Then that
genetic material gets into the cell nucleus. If it does, it will
new commander in the host cell. So whatever the viral genetic code says
That will happen.

It overrides the entire function and asks
for more viruses to be created. Once all of the material has been dispensed,
it sends the main command. This is self-destruction, and after that there is one
countless other cells that get infected. This happens fairly quickly, and when you do
infected, you can reach billions of infected cells in just ten
Days. Follow the link for more information: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/04/02/health/dj-conrad-buchanan-coronavirus-death/index.html

does it spread?

We still don't know everything and
Researchers spend day and night trying to figure it out. However, we know it
how it spreads. Most often this happens through the air and through touch
contaminated objects. Since we cannot see which surfaces are infected, we tend to do so
Touch our face and it will enter our airways.

As soon as that happens, the corona virus
begins to multiply. But our body has an immune system to fight all harmful ones
Particles that enter. However, this particular enemy can infect our immune system
Cells too. This can lead to chaos in the lungs. The immune system can destroy
everything it has in mind. The mutated corona virus bothers that
Work of this system.

This causes our own body to attack itself.
While it attacks contaminated virus particles, it also attacks healthy, functioning ones
Cells. This makes our bodies more susceptible to bacteria. Doing things
More clearly, three things happen at the same time.

The first is that the corona virus is
Increase in our lungs. The second is that our immune system
attacks both healthy and infected cells. And the third is that bacteria
begins to penetrate our body. Since the immune system is weaker and our energy
Business is getting smaller, bacteria can cause pneumonia. Read
here for more info.

That is why every country in the world
looking for respirators. A large number of people get it and we have one
limited amount of resources to fight a common enemy. Have older people
weakened organisms; Therefore, they are more likely to die from it.

should you do about it?

There are two ways of getting a disease like this
you can develop. The first is a quick spread and the second is a slow one
Spread. Rapid spreading causes a lot of people to become infected
overwhelm all hospitals and resources. This will result in doctors choosing who gets
treated and who not. In such situations, slow spread is better
far away.

This way everyone gets a chance to get one
treated, and the mortality rate will be much lower. The best you can
to do is to limit contact with people and go outside. If everyone stays
There are reports that it will go away in less than a few months. By doing
In other cases, it can take a year or more.

Will the world be affected?

Since this is a global issue, the world
The health organization (WHO) has declared a worldwide pandemic this time. The
The entire economy is also suffering. The shares are falling and many people are
I wonder if they will lose their jobs or not. There are also
Predictions for coronavirus
and mortgage rates. The main predictions now are that they will
sink along with the market.

to protect yourself?

The best way to protect yourself is to wash
your hands. It's all over the media and that's because it helps. We can not
resist touching our faces and the virus spreads mainly through your hands.
Soaps have an excellent property because they kill the dangerous particles
and break their ties.

The best time to wash your hands is
about thirty seconds. That's how much it takes to sing Happy Birthday. In any one
In this case, you should clean as if you had just cut a cool pepper, and now you need it
touch your eyes. Limit your contact with people outside. And if possible,
To work from home. If you need to go out, do it briefly and efficiently. Wear a mask
and gloves and protect yourself at all times.

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