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You finally got the work-at-home job of your dreams! Before you swap out your three-piece suits and button-down shirts for pajama bottoms and casual t-shirts, however, make a game plan for your work-from-home wardrobe.

While working from home gives you more clothing options (you may decide today is PJ day!), If you work from home, you're still on duty.

And sometimes what you wear, or even the simple act of putting it on, can do wonders for your home productivity.

Follow these wardrobe tips so you know what to wear when working from home, so you can switch to work mode and perform at your best.

1. Dressing for work changes your brain

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While one of the benefits of working remotely is that you can wear casual clothes all day, try not to stay in your pajamas all day. The occasional PY day is fine, but you probably shouldn't make it your standard uniform.

Just like showering, you wouldn't skip getting dressed if you went to the office. So, continue the routine of getting dressed every day to help your brain prepare for a day of productive work.

And while yoga pants or sweats are perfectly acceptable choices for work at home, here are some things to keep in mind: Some studies have found that what you wear can affect the performance of your duties.

2. Comfort is key

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Another benefit of working remotely is that you have more control over your surroundings (the temperature in your home office, lighting, etc.) and can make your space as comfortable as possible.

This also applies to your wardrobe. If you wear slippers instead of shoes all day, you will feel better!

When you are more comfortable and happier at work, you are likely to be more productive, and everyone will benefit from that.

3. You are on call

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In today's increasingly digital world, it's always best to assume that your boss, employees, or customers can request a video conference at any time. In these cases, it is always best to be properly dressed and ready, rather than asking for extra time to get together.

And since we are into this topic, while you can only dress from waist to waist if you work at home. However, this may not be the smartest choice.

4. Be careful of what you are wearing

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Although casual wear day can be any day, just as careful of what you wear to the office (or even the grocery store) when working from home.

Yes, you are in your house making the rules. But you never know when someone might offend the slogan on your t-shirt.

If you want to comfortably carry it anywhere, you should wear it. However, if you think doing this is against the company's dress code or is objectionable, skip this. Better safe than sorry!

5. Use your creativity

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If you are new to the world of remote work and have previously worked in an office, you probably have a closet full of business casual clothes that is gathering dust.

Find ways to incorporate these pieces into your “new work look” or your weekend wardrobe so they don't go to waste. If these options don't work for you, donate them!

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