What you should know about Google Adsense

What you should know about Google Adsense

Who doesn't want to make extra money online? We are always looking for ways to increase our income, and one of the easiest ways is the Internet. If you have a good connection and time, you can use this to your advantage. You've definitely heard of making money from advertising, especially Adsense. If you've never heard of it, we're here to give you the right knowledge, build courage, and try.

How does it work?

Adsense is a method moderated by Google to make money with the content published online. Basically, after creating your own website, Google will check it and, depending on the topic and type of visitors, place advertising on it. If a certain number of people click on an ad generated on your website, you will be paid. In addition, it is free to use and register.

Fortunately, you can choose what type of advertising to advertise, and you can block future ads on topics you don't want to appear. You can also choose in which area of ​​your page they should appear. If you have more than one website, you don't have to create multiple Adsense accounts. You can link the existing one with everyone.


Unfortunately, everything has disadvantages because life is not ideal. If you accidentally violate their policies or click one of the ads, your account will be closed. In this case, you should know different options to replace the ones that you were blocked from. You can do your research and remember that everything has a good alternative and you shouldn't cry over the lost one.

Another disadvantage is that a visitor who opens an ad is directed away from your website. So if he had a chance to buy what you offer, he'll forget about it. So sometimes it feels bad that after you set up your traffic you leave yours for another link.

Increase traffic to your website

To get a reasonable number of clicks, you should have enough traffic on your website. So you need to focus on growing your content to attract more people to review your offer and see the ads on their way.

Your website may be a product you sell, reviews, or content writing. It doesn't matter as long as you are original and unique. Your website design also reflects who you are as a person. Therefore, you should be choosy when decorating.

After a long day of work, we are rather lazy and can no longer look at the screens of laptops. So your website should be light and can open on mobile phones without delay or too slowly. This will also help you as you can check your numbers regularly and post them remotely!

For starters, there should be a clear search bar at the top of the page so visitors can easily enter their target keyword and reach it. Also, do not put all of your content on the first page, as this will prevent visitors from digging deeper and will not reach the ads available on the remaining pages. Also press links here and there so people can jump from page to page when they get bored with the topic they are reading.

You must constantly remind your visitors that you exist and that you publish new content weekly or monthly. This can be done through notifications or emails when people agree to be reminded of each post. This gives them a second chance to click on the ads regularly.

Types of advertising

They come in several types and shapes, so you can choose the ones that best fit your website. Here are the most common.

It appears with an underlined title and a brief description. They can be in the form of one or more units.

These are videos or a collection of photos that are displayed together to be an eye-catcher regardless of what they offer.

They are based on graphics and are available in various forms. For example, they can be horizontal, vertical, or in the form of a banner.

Signing up for Adsense is easy and almost effortless. You are just one click away from building a community and one click away from making money online. You just have to abide by Google's rules and regulations, and if you happen to break one, there is always a replacement.


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