August 4, 2020


Erica Perry


The ubiquity of smartphones peaked in 2010, followed by an influx of user-generated content (UGC). Nowadays, mobile video is at a turning point when premium video content is referred to as social currency – especially by millennials and Gen Z. According to a new report from Snapchat in collaboration with the National Research Group The worldwide mobile viewership increases by 6 percent year on year.

With mobile content that allows millennials and Gen Z to stay informed and initiate conversations about their activities, these experiences continue to be important for their convenience and, above all, for their role in making a significant contribution to cultural conversations among younger populations to passive observers.

Here is a breakdown of the key findings of the report:

Mobile is the main event

According to the results of the report, Mobile has officially secured the top spot where we spend our time. Especially between 2014 and 2020 The screen time on smartphones has multiplied more than 1.5 times – This is an increase from 2.5 hours a day to 4 hours and 18 minutes. Video playback accounts for 47 minutes or 20 percent of this.

How does that fit with traditional television? Despite the extra television time for Gen Z and millennial consumers while isolated at home, younger generations are still prioritizing mobile video. This has been supported by a comparison between television and mobile viewership over the past two years, which shows that until recently the cell phone was two minutes behind television and now leads it by a whopping 29 minutes. This growth is undoubtedly spearheaded by younger consumers, 73 percent of whom say they see more videos on their smartphones than a year ago – against 65 percent.

To take the big takeaways here? Premium Mobile Video creates a new display standard for storytelling. This is underlined by the dominance of mobile devices over desktop viewers, which can be seen in peaks in OTT, game consoles and other connected devices. In 2020 alone, daily engagement for both short and long form content will increase by 40 percent.

Key elements for the integration of mobile video content

Snapchat outlines three basic principles that must be followed to ensure that you provide an effective mobile experience: personal connection, value, and relativity. In combination, viewers feel informed, better connected and motivated to express themselves and participate in the dialogue.

Aside from the physical vertical video that creates a sense of intimacy and is immersed, successful mobile content has an emotional impact on the story they share. They contain characters or narratives that feel relevant and provide an opportunity to discover and share their own experiences as part of a larger, meaningful community. According to the results of Snapchat, 3 in 4 Gen Z and millennial consumers combine short-form premium mobile videos with moving characters / personalities and storylines that give them a feeling of excitement, adventure or excitement.

Whether in the form of a tutorial to overcome a certain obstacle or a simple but idiosyncratic video that is suitable for laughing, mobile experiences are decisions that are intentional and up-to-date. This hyperrelevance ultimately drives the hyperlink forward, as it becomes the fuel for navigation in everyday life.

Short form as a social currency

Perhaps the biggest aspect of this report is the fact that the short form is convenient and easier to access as a format – but its intrinsic value goes beyond entertainment. Particularly in the context of the global pandemic, the social currency that mobile video offers has enabled Gen Z and millennials to deal with it by helping them practice personal growth and well-being (77%) in connection with family and friends to stay who they can't see – to face (76%) and stay informed (59%).

No matter how long People will share things that represent themand that enables them to grow and thrive. With mobile videos continuing to meet a number of requirements every day, from mindfulness to mastering a new skill, Snapchat expects the number of viewers to increase 2.72 billion by 2023. The connection and self-expression that viewers are looking for in mobile video experiences will become even more central in the future and will be achieved through the expansion in areas such as AR, which enable social participation and immersion on the next level.

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