Mix 1 part free help, 1 part premium help.

The biggest blogging service you can offer is helping and paying people for free. Most importantly, solve people's problems with your blog posts, eBooks, courses, videos, and podcasts. No blogger needs to change the world with earth-shaking content, but all bloggers need to solve problems by helping people turn pro at some point.

I think most bloggers are wrong on this point. Most believe that the only way to provide tremendous service is to write and publish a viral blog post that dominates page 1 on Google in order to get a competitive keyword. Is not it. Move this poverty-conscious mindset aside. Great service is not ONE act, it is tens of thousands of acts. A great service is not to write and publish ONE viral blog post, but to build a viral online presence by writing and publishing thousands of blog posts and guest posts over 1000 hours. This is how it's done.

Even if this concept of helping people feels confusing at first, it seems logical and easier to understand to observe the truth. Imagine if someone has no idea how to become a successful blogger and needs a lot of help. Buying my blogging course will provide that person with the best blogging service as I offer 11 basics to become a successful blogger. In one moment, you had no idea how to become a successful blogger. In the next moment, there are 11 fundamentals to follow to become a successful blogger. Great service simply solves the urgent needs of readers, both through free and premium channels.

Never devalue your premium offers too. Poverty-conscious bloggers and readers foolishly devalue premium content without believing that paid content provides a generous and great service. Not correct. People simply offer something called money in exchange for the help the reader-customer needs. Who cares if something or someone helps you pay? People exchange money for things every day. Millions and millions of money for the exchange of products or services flow daily, online and offline. Blogging courses, products, and eBooks are merely services offered for currency exchange, as professionals in every niche get paid for services and products offered.

Pro bloggers also offer free content to provide a great blogging service. Blog posts, guest posts, videos, and podcasts each highlight a need and solve a specific reader problem. Creating free and premium content is pretty easy. Listen to the needs of the readers. Find out your problems. Solve their problems with your free and premium content. Do generous service by solving problems with more and more free and premium content. No rocket science. In doing this, you must face deep fears freely and without giving any expectations, detach yourself from the results, and leave your poverty-conscious employee attitudes behind.

Most aspiring professional bloggers believe that posting a viral post is the best way to provide generous service, but posting 5,000 helpful, targeted blog posts provides an even more generous service to a larger, more targeted audience. Imagine a single redwood tree 300 feet tall that was planted in a barren area. People can see the tree from a distance, but after a few kilometers the tree disappears. This is like posting a viral blog post. Here for a short time, but soon gone. Imagine 100,000 small pine trees 20 feet tall that form a 1 million square feet forest. People walk through the trees and experience them for hours, days, weeks and even months as people wander through this vast wilderness. It's like creating a viral online presence that has generously published helpful, targeted blog posts and guest posts of 600 words for years.

By building a viral online presence, you can not only provide the best service, but also achieve the most impressive blogging success. As opposed to a quick, viral post flashing in the pan, you seem to be all over your niche, gaining trust and increasing traffic and profits in the long run.


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