How do you spot the signals when blogging is going bad?

Blogging is fun, liberating, and fulfilling when you blog for the right reasons. But blogging turns south when you blog for the wrong reasons. Everything is up to you. It all depends on your intent, energy, emotions, and your predominant blogging driver.

Blogging feels bad. Blogging should feel good, not bad. Blogging Feels Bad Signals Blogging has already gotten bad for you. If blogging feels awful for years, get a job. Never waste your time on something that feels stressful, tough, difficult, or confusing. Honor your feelings. Listen to your heart. Notice the moment when blogging feels difficult, exciting, or downright bad. Move in a different direction. Maybe you are moving away from blogging. Or maybe you are moving into a niche of difference. You know deep down.

Stat chasing becomes an obsession. Bloggers who are obsessed with statistics as hell are signaling that blogging has gotten bad, really bad for you. Tracking stats indicates that your blogging mainly out of fear, because the wild focus on screen numbers proves that you are lost. Who in their right mind dreams of numbers on a screen? Nobody! Sane, laid-back bloggers who dream of freedom go the blogging path to more worldly success that manifests as freedom. When blogging goes bad you will be trying to get more followers, traffic and money as the main driver of your blogging campaign, which will motivate you to start blogging live for numbers. Feel your attachments. Feel your fears. Let go of number-oriented obsessions. Blog mainly for fun and freedom. Allow blogging to be good for you.

Negative bloggers surround you. New bloggers often only guarantee that blogging will go bad if they just surround themselves with struggling new bloggers. How can blogging be good if all you can do is learn from struggling bloggers who also have no idea what they're doing and have no idea how to blog? Blogging becomes difficult for bloggers who only network with struggling bloggers. Lose your struggling blogger buddy network. Only surround yourself with successful, heart-centered, thriving bloggers. Make a choice for success by surrounding yourself with blogging success.

Rely only on your email list and Google traffic. If you rely 100% on these two blogging channels you are doomed to fail. Blogging gets bad with every change in the policies for Google update and email campaign management system. Watch bloggers panic after every Google update. Pay close attention to how bloggers shudder in their boots after Aweber or Mail Chimp change prices or other policies. Dependent on 2 channels in a universe of abundance is madness. I've accessed – and continue to do – all types of channels so as not to rely on or hook up on 1, 2 out of 3 channels. I've written and published thousands of guest posts across many blogs to keep blogging going well for me. When you're detached and blogging abundantly, you can be successful AND enjoy the ride.

Ceiling solution

Blogging gives you what blogging you give. Stop now if blogging has gone bad. Be honest with yourself. Be 100% honest with yourself. Possess your predicament to move in the opposite, fun and liberating direction. Blogging can and will feel good – and you will succeed – by owning failures and moving towards success. Just because blogging went bad for you doesn't mean blogging has to stay bad for you. Every day gives you the opportunity to start new blogging. But you have to own it when blogging goes bad to change course.


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