I caught myself a few moments ago. I made a quick turn.

But most bloggers don't switch that quickly and get into the dreaded side effect of blogging.

A Facebook update may have resulted in a massive waste of time, energy and content. Emotionally charged decision full of fear.

On purpose, I calmly went to Blogging Tips to write and publish this guest post.

Why are you so easily distracted from your blogging endeavors? Fear. Why do you spend so much time on Facebook? Fear. Why do you spend so many hours in the YouTube vortex of videos? Fear. Fear manifests itself in many ways. Some fear that they are missing out. Some fear not being heard. Some fear being ignored. Some fear losing their bloated self-esteem. Some fear not being able to express themselves. Some fear not being right and have to debate people to prove they are right and the other party is wrong.

Hello; I've been through all of the fears that distracted me from blogging. But I finally became aware enough to spend 5-10 minutes daily on Facebook and 5-10 minutes daily on Twitter because I'm a professional blogger, not a professional Facebook user or professional tweeter. I don't get distracted or distracted because I don't cling to strong fears that seem to divert me from my blogging purpose, my commitment to freedom, and the reason why I do what I do.

Why are you blogging Tie the reason to something fun and liberating. No blogger blogging for fun and freedom is easily distracted in the first place because your love for freedom and fun far outweighs your fear of missing out. If you make this seeming quantum leap you'll be free of the trail, but the price tag includes closing the door, sitting in a quiet room, and the seriously serious why you blog.

When it comes down to it, most bloggers blog to make money. Terrible driver. Who dreams of sitting on millions of doubloons like Scrooge McDuck? Money is completely useless, worthless, and pretty much rubbish until you actually use the money to experience great fun and immense freedom. People value what money represents, not the numbers on a screen, paper, and coins that people foolishly hold onto and grasp this stupid illusion.

To make matters worse, for most bloggers, money never arrives. When you lose your motivator, you won't want to blog anymore, so everything will distract you from your blogging endeavors.

At the end of the day, opt for a side track or blogging. The side tracking itself indicates that you allowed one of your fears to keep you from your blogging campaign. Buy my ebook to help you overcome your fears. Put the time and energy into finding a fun, liberating blogging driver. If you stick to this fun, liberating intent, stay on the blogging course because the freedom of fun is slowly but surely dominating the loss of fear in your head.

I hardly check my email and spend a total of 20 minutes a day on Twitter and Facebook. Why? I spent serious time finding my fun and freeing the blogging driver to develop a very different relationship with fear than much of humanity. I don't choose to get myself out of the way because I choose to blog. Everything is in my head I choose. Everything is in your head too. You choose. Remember, before blaming distraction for retiring from your blogging job, make sure you have the power to make decisions.

Follow my example to stick with blogging as you blog your way to your most fun and liberating dream life.

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