Someone opened me a few moments ago.

He claimed to be an industry leader in his niche who discovered some issues on my blog. But when HE turns to ME, he's NOT an industry leader in his niche. I'm not even famous, but all business flows to me because of my authority, attitude, and credibility. I don't throw anyone.

All really professional bloggers reject business left and right because they get so many slots. I never raise anyone because signaling is so slow that you have to chase after the business. Pitching is also an ineffective use of time, as most people ignore you with such an untargeted approach.

Cold pitching does not work for the long-term growth of the blogging business because cold pitching:

  • gives a terrible return on time-energy investments
  • indicates that you are having difficulty making business flow to you
  • suggests that you fear losing the business

Do you want long-term growth in the blogging business? Build your authority. Let the business flow to you.

Ideas for business growth

Learn how to blog from professional bloggers. Invest in a blogging course. Follow professional bloggers. Study their advice. Put your wisdom into practice. Lay a solid foundation for your blogging business.

Create helpful content for your ideal reader. Post helpful blog posts and guest posts to solve problems your target reader is suffering from. Build your authority. Earn trust. I don't hire anyone because the content helps me find the business. People trust me because of my free content. The business grows from there.

Connect with blogging leaders from your niche. Help bloggers out of their niche. Don't ask for anything. Don't expect anything in return. Friendships form. The business flows to you through your blogging buddy network as these professionals expand your reach through advertising and increase your blogging presence.

The real challenge is to find the way to become a professional blogger. Be ready to ride quiet places. Nobody can make it overnight. Nobody learns, practices and masters blogging in days, weeks or months. Don't panic and cold a blogger who breathes, cold. Avoid this unintelligent blogging approach as it always leads to long-term business failure.



  • Generous
  • Persistent
  • Patiently

Follow these basics. Benefit in the long run. Expect to spend thousands of hours helping people freely before money flows regularly. Don't take shortcuts. Blog the right way to reap the sweetest rewards.

Monetization Tips

Successful bloggers build a full-time business by opening up income streams through which prosper.

Some ideas:

  • Open 1-2 streams of income every 2-4 months to slowly but surely benefit
  • open income streams that are in line with your talents
  • open income streams that are consistent with your blogging niche

Note how I routinely promote my eBooks and courses, but also share my audio books through my blog. By opening up multiple sources of income, you have many channels through which you can benefit in the long run. Some bloggers prefer to buy courses. Other bloggers like to read eBooks. Others prefer to listen to audio books. Address readers' needs while slowly but surely benefiting from building a thriving, thriving full-time online business through your blog.


Cold pitching does not promote long-term business growth because the hunt for the business scares the business away.

Build your blogging stance. Ensure long-term business expansion by learning, creating and connecting blogging from professionals and making money from multiple sources of income. Over time, you will patiently build a sustainable blogging business, but only if you follow the journey for years.

Nothing happens overnight. Everything that makes sense requires years of generous service to get it right with the right intent.

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