Fear. Fear makes most bloggers get networking wrong. I scanned my email a few moments ago. A typical crowd of people turned to me and coldly tossed their wares. Some asked for a link to a well-read post of mine because recent backlinks didn't seem as valuable to them as their links. Think for a moment about how this approach seems to a seasoned professional blogger: Even though you are a current professional and I'm chilling you for having terrible problems, I believe that you have judged the backlink badly and feel like that my backlink brings more value.

Think; If your link was as good as you say the link is good, I would have linked to the blog post in the first place. When I actually read and link bloggers who ask me to link to them, Blogging From Paradise is littered with tens of thousands of backlinks. Most of the links provide some value, but the value of the delivery – cold pitching a blogger – leaves a bad taste in your mouth. If you network something like this incorrectly, it always arises from fear. Fear makes you do things that you really don't want to do. I want to write this post because I mainly want to blog for love, not fear. But if I mainly feared and blogged out of the energy of fear, I would do stupid things all day, like foreign bloggers asking for free links, guest posts, and reviews in exchange for … ..hehehehe … ..a retweet to your 50,000 followers.

Guess what? I don't pay my bills or retweets to buy my food. I use a neutral medium of exchange called "money" to pay bills, buy food, and do all the good. I do not trade or accept retweets as compensation. Most importantly, I currently read 2-3 words of all cold pitch emails before thanking the blogger and asking them to read my ad page. I will then link to the page.

Most bloggers connect completely wrongly out of fear, and most bloggers never follow solid, proven strategies to properly network because of fear, as found in my Blogger Outreach eBook. Fear blinds you to good advice and influences you to follow bad advice. Fear is telling you that you know the right path to network, but you simply have to work harder and longer to get the job done to be successful. I could hammer a square pin into a round hole 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, and there is no way I can ever stick a 10 "wide square pin into a 3" hole.

Networking – and blogging – is pretty similar. If you work harder and longer on networking, doing the wrong things with the wrong energy will not be successful. Doing the right things with the right energy brings success.

Focus heavily on helping top bloggers. Don't ask for anything from them. Don't expect anything from them. Imagine if the blogger who chipped me off his link above bought my blogging course and emailed me how much he loved the course. Feel their love and appreciate their generous purchase, scan their link and if it's solid, paste it into my post. I give them love because once they buy my blogging course and email their support to me, they give me love first and don't ask for anything. Of course, it's wise not to ask for anything at all. However, if you invest a few hundred dollars on a blogger's course, tell them you love them, then ask for a possible link. The love you show tends to open the doors to blogging.

Help bloggers. Don't expect anything in return. Earn their trust. Network properly.

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