May 26, 2020


Erica Perry


With the sudden departure from the classroom in many parts of the world, billions are learning from home and wondering whether the introduction of online learning after the pandemic will continue. Platforms live up to the occasion and provide resources and tools amid the unknown future of the education market, including Reddit.

In order to help those affected to improve their professional skills, which could also help to create more connections within the professional world, the platform is aimed at a new online advertising school program entitled "r / advertising school. ”

A community-driven learning opportunity

Classes start on June 1st and take place weekly. Classes of up to 50 students meet with a teacher – director or higher – who specializes in their field. The program encompasses a number of creative disciplines in the advertising space, including art direction, text creation, production, media planning, branding, digital / social.

Each class consists of a half-hour lecture with feasible snack stands and 15 minutes of discussion. The instructor will then place an order with the group. Students who complete the task can submit it for review and get feedback and insight into their work from others in a collaborative style.

Following the sessions, video conferences are immediately published on r / Advertising on Reddit so that every community member can participate. Community members can ask questions during the week or inquire about the task and additional resources.

The spearheads

The concept behind R / advertising was conceived by Joe Federer, Reddit's former head of brand strategy, Goodby Silverstein and Partners Dan Greener, Neha Guria and Edward King, and Shannon Smith, a freelance art director.

Greener and Federer were inspired per ad age after connecting at a reddit workshop and talking about the advertising subreddit. Federer is currently moderating the R / Advertising community and recently hosted several community happy hours in which he and Greener noticed an increase in interest in those who want to get involved and learn more about advertising opportunities. "We thought it would be cool to formalize these – bring in a few professionals who are much smarter than we are to educate the community and beyond. And then, with COVID, people started losing their jobs and internship, and we thought the time to make this kind of free resource available to a community that is already struggling would be back on that Legs to come, ”said Greener.

Ultimately, the goal is to get students to hear perspectives from practitioners from agencies and leading companies, including Gooby, Gray, Apple, Truth and consequencesand production company Tool. From there, we hope that they are better informed before using time and financial resources for the portfolio school. "Perhaps we could bring in students who would not normally have thought about a career in advertising – or help people who have trouble getting their feet up," added Greener.

The future of online learning

From presentation skills to critical and creative thinking to personal branding, more digital skills are now essential, and additional skills of digital technologies are not only required in this “new normal”, but also required. It is therefore important to use the communication and marketing tools that are available to you as the definition of “marketable skills” evolves. For example, digital certification is a booming trend Facebook's blueprint, Twitter flight school, Hubspot Academy, Hootsuite, and Pinterest Academy leader in space.

While the future of the marketing and advertising industry remains unknown and many universities across the country are celebrating degrees and new chapters for young professionals, these are the platforms that help prepare. If they live up to emerging expectations, it is crucial to be able to react quickly and adapt. These educational resources provide the practices and tips needed to advance your career in fundamentally positive ways.

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