1. SEO is one of the best lead generation strategies for law firms
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A 2017 study by AccuRanker found that the legal niche is the most competitive when it comes to SEO.

After analyzing more than 300,000 SERPs across a wide variety of industries, the study found that law firms face the most obstacles in generating traffic for their websites.

This indicates that not just one Effective SEO strategy a necessity, but that local SEO is especially important for lawyers and law firms.

Law firm SEO requires a bespoke approach to traffic generation that takes into account the unique problems lawyers face in attracting local clients.

This guide explains why SEO is important for law firms and how lawyers can generate more traffic for their websites.

SEO is one of the best lead generation strategies for law firms

Localized businesses (i.e. those that attract customers or customers in a specific geographic location) need SEO to target users in their region.


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Since most law firms serve clients in their city, county, or state, they need local SEO to stay competitive with other local law firms.

Local SEO allows law firms to target users within a geographic location, reducing competition compared to targeting nationally.

You have a better chance of ranking for terms like “Top Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles” (Keyword Difficulty: 63%) than “Top Personal Injury Lawyers” (Keyword Difficulty: 71%).

By targeting localized keywords, law firms can attract the attention of potential clients who:

  • In their area.
  • Looking for the services they offer.

This makes SEO one of the best client acquisition strategies for law firms.

How SEO works

When people start their search for legal services, they are likely using search engines (mostly Google and Bing) to find law firms near them.


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They use queries (keywords) to find specific services, types of law firms, answers to their legal questions, and more.

Law firms can reach these users by optimizing their websites for these keywords and encouraging search engines to rank them in search results.

The higher the rank of their website, the more likely it is that a user will click on their website to learn more about their services.

Benefits of SEO for Law Firms

The benefits of SEO for law firms are enormous.

SEO not only increases a law firm's ranking in search results, it also drives more traffic, which is likely to convert into qualified leads.

Some of the benefits of SEO for lawyers and law firms are:

  • Outperform the local competition, improve the click on your website.
  • Drive more calls through Google My Business and other local listings.
  • Generating new traffic through high quality localized content.
  • Collect more positive customer reviews to improve their online reputation.
  • Attracting lots of traffic and leads on autopilot.
  • Turn existing and new site traffic into leads (phone calls and form fills).
  • Solidifying her law firm as a reputable authority in her niche.

When law firms want to generate more traffic and run it online, SEO is one of the most effective ways to do it.

This is not only due to the targeted alignment of SEO, but also because expert SEO improves conversions and increases traffic.

Overtake your local competitors

There are only so many spots in the search results. If you're not in the top 3, the click-through rates on your website will drop significantly. SEO is working to optimize your website for your target keywords and to outperform your competitors.

You don't have to be number 1 to drive traffic and get to your website. However, you want your website to appear on page 1 and be visible in local searches.

Invest in a strategic content and SEO strategy and more prospects can find you and choose your company over your competitors.

Drive more calls from GMB & Local Search

While your website can occupy a place in search results, you can also get clicks through an optimized Google My Business profile.

When users search for "family attorney near me" or "personal injury attorney in Palm Beach," your law firm's GMB profile may rank for those terms. Users can click the link on your website or call you at the number provided on your GMB profile.


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Use local SEO to improve your local presence and give potential customers more opportunities to find you online.

Generate more traffic from your blog

Legal content doesn't have to be boring.

Use your blog to provide valuable information to your target audience, generate more traffic through keyword targeting, and convert traffic into leads.

SEO helps you identify high volume, low competition keywords that you can turn into engaging blog topics. That content can then attract users who search for those terms and guide them through your funnel to lead generation.

Some SEO content ideas for law firms include:

  • Instructions.
  • Complete guides on legal topics.
  • Localized exercise area pages.
  • FAQ pages (good for featured snippets).
  • Ebooks.
  • Checklists.
  • Interviews with industry professionals.
  • Local event guides.

Collect positive customer reviews to boost your reputation

Part of any successful law firm SEO strategy is generating more positive reviews for your law firm. If you haven't proactively done this in the past, SEO will help you garner more reviews to improve your online reputation.


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Positive reviews show users that your law firm is trustworthy and provides quality services.

Having more positive reviews than a local competitor can cause you to outperform them. Also, users are more likely to select your company from a company with negative (or no) reviews.

Attract lots of traffic and leads with autopilot

While SEO is not a set and forget strategy, once implemented, it can generate traffic with little effort. This is especially the case if you are working with a reputable SEO agency to optimize your website for you.

SEO can work long term to drive constant traffic and leads to your website. Most law firms prefer to invest in paid ads or keep up with posting on social media. Think of it as a compound investment.

Convert traffic into leads

A reliable SEO firm will not only drive traffic to your website, they will convert that traffic once it gets there. These include compelling calls to action, web copy optimization, call buttons, and form filling out to entice users to contact your business.


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Traffic is only part of the equation. When investing in SEO, make sure that your strategy includes lead generation so that you can get a direct return on your investment.

Then it will just be a matter of your law firm to take the call and close the deal.

Solidify your law firm as an authority in your niche

By improving your online presence with SEO, you are showing other industry professionals that you mean business. They become more visible online and open the door to new partnerships and opportunities.

The benefits of SEO go well beyond just increasing traffic to your website. You could acquire new, high-paying customers, be invited to industry events, make a name for yourself in legal publications, and much more.

When it comes to SEO for law firms, don't be afraid to think big.

Proof SEO works for law firms

Most law firms that haven't invested in SEO will see slow traffic on their website.


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This is especially true for companies with lots of local competitors who have clearly invested in their own SEO efforts.

Case Study – SEO Content Creation

In the case study below, we got a law firm that was generating little to no traffic to generate more than 5,000 organic sessions per month in its first few months.

Within 24 months of starting SEO, they were generating over 12,000 organic sessions per month.

“The website referenced below is mine, and I've been ripped off by so-called SEO companies all the time. (Investing in SEO) was the best business decision we made regarding our websites. "

– Attorney, Fort Lauderdale

Within 24 months of starting SEO, they were generating over 12,000 organic sessions per month

What could 10,000 new visitors and an influx of qualified leads do for your law firm?


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It is never too late to invest in SEO law firm for your website.

Case Study – Law Firm for Disabled Veterans

When we took on search engine optimization for this company's website in April 2017, it had 900 keywords rated and its organic traffic value was less than $ 300.

After adopting a holistic SEO strategy, the company now includes 28,000+ keywords and nearly $ 200,000 in monthly organic traffic.

After adopting a holistic SEO strategy, the company now includes 28,000+ keywords and nearly $ 200,000 in monthly organic traffic.

This green graph shows the corresponding increase in calls to this law firm.


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By tracking phone calls, we show law firms that we are not just expanding their website, but that our efforts are turning into actual phone calls and signed cases.

By tracking phone calls, we show law firms that we are not just expanding their website, but that our efforts are turning into actual phone calls and signed cases.

The central theses

SEO is one of the best digital marketing strategies that law firms can use to increase their website traffic and attract more clients.

However, the benefits of law firm SEO go well beyond traffic and lead generation. Law firms can establish themselves as absolute powerhouses in their niche.


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SEO is important to law firms in several ways.

If you have a law firm and haven't invested in SEO, today is the day. You could leave a lot of money at the table by not optimizing your website and dominating local search.

What could more traffic and clients do for your law firm?

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