Izzi Smith asked in a Twitter poll if something that is a confirmed ranking factor helps you approve optimizations internally. The answers were fun, and 42% of respondents said yes.

Here is the poll on Twitter:

QQ – As a "confirmed ranking factor" does something help you approve optimizations internally?

– Izzi Smith (@izzionfire) August 4, 2020

I love the answer, "Yes, so sometimes I lie."

A couple of weeks ago I added my to-do list to write a story called SEO Myth Busting: What's Not a Google Search Ranking Factor I posted on Search Engine Land a few days ago? It was fun and wasn't hard to put together because I only ran a site command for (no ranking factor) on this site. Here is the short list, but there are more links and sources in the original story:

Google's ranking factors do not include the rating guidelines for search quality ratings, Google ads, mentions or likes in social media, click rates from search results, pogosticking back to the search results page, time spent on a page, bounce rate and data on user interaction websites, user behavior, Chrome- Data outside of the most important web vitals, Google Analytics data, toolbar data, traffic on a website, shopping cart abandonment, EAT, responsive design, AMP, content accuracy, author BIOS, structured data markup, word count, outbound links, product prices, URL -Length, Accessibility, Stars, Ratings and Ratings, Better Business Bureau, Trust Organizations and Badges, Domain Age, 3D and AR Images, Email Newsletter Signups,
Google+ 1s, real user signals, higher page numbers, frequency of content, authority of the Moz domain and more.

Note that this list is based on what Google reps said weren't ranking factors over the years. Some feel that googlers are lying.

There's also this thread on Twitter from Jeff Ferguson with cute ideas:

If we could have a scorecard-like list of long-debunked ranking factor theories that keep popping up and that we could specifically and regularly have verified by @JohnMu and @ethod from @GoogleWMC, what should be on the list? #SEO pic.twitter.com/IHQLeS27e6

– Jeff Ferguson (@CountXero) July 30, 2020

Even if you think you know what signals or factors are affecting the Google algorithm, whether you think they are true or not is a different matter.

Forum discussion on Twitter.


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