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  3. Google Maps Community Challenge

Google Maps gives users three new ways for users to add helpful content for others, including the ability to share photos without leaving a rating.

The Google Maps features announced today are designed to make it easier to share and find local recommendations. A new community challenge can make the process fun.

Google Maps photo updates

A new type of content will be introduced soon in Google Maps called Photo Updates.

Photo updates allow users to share experiences and highlights with recent photos without leaving a review.

A photo update consists of a current picture of a location with a short text description.

With Google Maps, users can add photos without leaving a rating

To add a photo update, first select a location in Google Maps and switch to the "Updates" tab. Then tap the Add Photo Update button.

With Google Maps, users can add photos without leaving a rating

From there, select the photos and add a brief description. Users can upload as many photos as they want in a single photo update. Photo updates from other people can be viewed in the same Updates tab.


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When this feature launches in the coming weeks, it will be the first time users will be able to add photos of a location without leaving an accompanying review.

This makes the photo sharing process on Google Maps more casual, much like how you would share photos on social media.

Photo updates can potentially lead to an influx of user uploads for places and businesses. These photos can help others decide where to look next.

Draw streets in Google Maps

Google Maps users can quickly report on road changes by drawing new or missing roads with a desktop editing tool.

If a street is missing from the desktop version of Maps, click the button in the side menu and choose Edit Map.


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There select “Missing Road” and start editing by drawing lines. The road editing tool also allows users to rename roads, change the direction of travel, and realign or delete incorrect roads.

Check out this video provided by Google for a quick demonstration of the road editor:

In the road editor, users can tell Google whether a road is closed with details such as the date, reason and directions. All user changes to a street are checked through the publication of Google.


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This feature will be rolled out in the coming months in all 80 countries where users can already report road updates.

Google Maps Community Challenge

Google is testing a new community challenge feature to encourage Maps users across the country to contribute more reviews, photos, and updates.

The Community Challenge is live on Android in the US for the next month. Users can join the challenge by selecting "Join Local Love Challenge" from the Post tab.

With Google Maps, users can add photos without leaving a rating

Each contribution counts towards the common goal of updating 100,000 companies in one month. The feedback on this challenge will help build campaigns in more countries in the future.


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Source: Google


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