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Wix is ​​an exceptional website builder that allows you to create a highly functional and professional website without any programming experience. Even web developers have access to numerous tools to improve the customization and functionality of their website. In our opinion, Wix is ​​the best website builder for general use whether you're starting a photographer, musician, restaurateur, blogger, or just starting a small ecommerce business.

Wix versus the best website builders

While most website builders tend to focus on niche markets like e-commerce or content management, Wix is ​​an all-rounder. This website builder has a wide network that makes it attractive to all types of people who need professional looking websites quickly and inexpensively. Whether you're a seasoned restaurateur looking to promote your business, a startup venturing into your first online business, or a seasoned web developer who doesn't have the time or resources to build a website from scratch, Wix will work for you.

Before you decide that Wix is ​​the best option for you, make sure to check out all of our top deals for the best website builders. Here we review three more services in separate categories. We also have an in-depth guide that focuses on different types of website builder, what criteria to consider when choosing the best website builder, and much more.

Who is Wix best for?

While it's easy to be impressed with Wix's marketing and features, the truth is that this website builder caters to a specific audience. Wix is ​​great for an individual or small business that wants a professional website but doesn't want to bother with hiring a web developer, registering a domain name, finding a web hosting company, and everything else involved in setting up a professional website .

Wix does a great job of making an online presence more accessible to small businesses and individuals. Wix websites are attractive, relatively cheap, and quick to set up. Wix also caters to a variety of niches including blogging, photography, e-commerce, music, events, hospitality, bookings, restaurants, forums, and more. Wix's industry-specific themes, design templates, tools, and resources often make it feel like the company had you in mind when creating their platform.

However, this comprehensive takeover of website creation is also Wix's Achilles heel. The platform simply does not offer sufficient functionality and scalability for larger businesses and larger e-commerce websites. For this, Shopify would be a much better option.

Wix: the pros and cons

One of the most defining features of Wix is ​​the freedom it offers. You can build your ideal site down to your preferred pixelation. While freedom is a good thing, newbies may find the design potential a bit overwhelming. Wix addresses this issue by providing extensive resources including step-by-step guides, videos, articles, and a wealth of information to help you better understand the editor.

Wix also has unique elements that you don't see often in website builders. For example, the repeater function allows you to easily replicate items for list items with a similar layout and design but different content.

One of the major challenges of using a website builder is to differentiate your website from competitors who use the same themes and templates. Wix offers far more customization options than Weebly and certain other competitors. You can find that Wix gives priority to the user's ability to create unique websites. The design possibilities with Wix are endless, especially in the hands of a seasoned developer.


Intuitive interface: While the drag-and-drop feature is hardly a revolutionary concept among website builders, Wix is ​​successful in this regard. You have unbridled freedom to move items with few restrictions. The platform also provides guidelines to help you better understand the tools and templates. Wix also lets you preview your mobile site instead of keeping your fingers crossed that the mobile site is as good as the desktop version.

Robust app market: Wix has a number of built-in tools to get you started. However, you may need more functionality on your website. Wix has a densely populated app market that offers apps and widgets for almost every function imaginable, including event booking, live chat, newsletters, blogging, registration forms, popups, online ads, forums and much more. The app market offers more than 250 integrations that cover almost every conceivable area of ​​your online presence.

Built-in SEO: Building a beautiful website is one thing, but keeping your website in mind is an entirely different matter. You can enter metadata and keyword tags related to your niche and Wix will help you rank in the search engines. In addition, Wix lets you edit your URL format for each page to improve your website's Google ranking. If you're not ready to invest in SEO just yet, Wix is ​​a good place to start and it requires minimal effort.

Tones of templates: Wix offers over 500 industry-specific templates that you can use to build your website. With Wix, you can sort and select templates by industry to narrow your options, including tourism and travel, business, photography, e-commerce, music, and more. The templates are all high quality and created by the designer. If you are concerned about boiler plate offerings, these templates are highly customizable. You can edit content, change the site name, delete sections, replace images, and tweak the template to make it your own. Wix has one of the largest template libraries of any website builder.

Flexible plans: Wix has an affordable plan to start with when you need to build a simple personal website. When you need more features, just upgrade to a premium plan for just $ 4.50 per month. Also, Wix won't put you under any contract. Many website builders require you to take out a 24 or 36 month contract for premium features. You can cancel your subscription at any time using Wix. This flexibility works especially well when you are unsure of which direction to go with your web presence.

All-in-one solution: With your Wix subscription, you don't have to worry about web hosting, domain *, SSL certificate, downtime, security, website speed, or the practicalities of running a website. Wix does everything for you that is included in your monthly subscription. The platform also has a very responsive customer support team that will assist you with any problems with your website. You can contact customer support via email, chat, or a direct phone call.

* Wix offers a free domain voucher with most subscriptions that is valid for one year. Domain extensions include .com, .org, .net, .biz, .xyz, .space, .pictures, .co.uk and .info.


No unlimited plans: A significant number of website builders offer unlimited storage or unlimited bandwidth. Although Wix provides unlimited bandwidth for its business and e-commerce plans, there is still a storage limit. This omission confirms our belief that Wix is ​​intended for individuals and small businesses rather than large ecommerce businesses.

Inflexible templates once they're live: You can customize your Wix website templates to your heart's content. However, once you are banned, that is all. You cannot change your template once your website is online. While this may not be as much of a problem for a personal website, it can create problems later for an online business that continues to grow, change, and evolve over the years.

You cannot export your website: Wix can put you in a long-term commitment even without a contract. Once you are on the Wix platform, you are locked up for life. You cannot transfer or export your website to another platform. Again, this may not be a big deal for a small business or individual. However, a rapidly growing startup will have problems later when Wix can no longer meet its needs.

Wix Pricing

Wix paid plans fall into two categories; Website Plans and Business & Ecommerce Plans. Each category has individual levels, as you will soon see.

Before we dive into the Wix pricing structure, there are a few things we should mention.

First, the price advertised by Wix is ​​based on an annual subscription. You have the option to pay month by month, but it costs more. Don't be surprised if your monthly bill is a little higher than what it says on the website. It's all in the fine print.

Second, your free domain is only available for one year. After that you have to pay an annual premium. In addition, you are only entitled to the free domain if you prepay for the whole year. You will lose the offer if you choose monthly payments.

Wix website plans

Connect domain

Starting at the far right, Connect Domain is the most basic plan. This option costs $ 4.50 per month and does not come with a free domain. You will also see Wix ads on your website. You can still connect your existing or custom domain name to your Wix site. This plan also includes:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 500 MB storage space
  • 1 GB bandwidth

The features you are giving up here include uploading and streaming videos to your website, the site booster app, social media logo files, and the visitor analysis app (SEO tool).

We only recommend this option if you want to put together a simple information website or portfolio at the lowest possible price. However, given the severely limited bandwidth, Wix ads, and a Wix branded URL, this is not the type of website that Google could potentially rank high. There are very limited use cases for this plan.


This option costs $ 8.50 per month and is a great alternative to Connect Domain for a simple personal website. This plan comes with a free domain, or you join a custom domain.

This option offers 2 GB of bandwidth, 3 GB of storage, 24/7 customer support and 30 minutes of video. However, you will lose the social media logo files, a visitor analytics app, a site booster app, and a professional logo.

Ultimately, you are getting good deal on a low-traffic but professionally designed website. You can always upgrade to a higher plan as your needs change.


This Wix plan is aimed at freelancers and entrepreneurs. It costs $ 12.50 per month in exchange for 10GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. You also get a free SSL certificate, no Wix ads, a free domain for one year, a video lesson, a visitor analytics app, and a site booster app.

If you're looking to start a professional website or online business, the unlimited plan will suit your needs better than the combo plan for a nominal price increase.


The price goes up pretty drastically with the Wix VIP plan. This costs $ 24.50 per month. For the price, you get all of the features that aren't in the other plans, plus some add-ons. These include:

  • Free domain for one year
  • Remove Wix Ads
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 35 GB storage space
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Social Medial Logo Files
  • Visitor analysis app
  • Five hours of video
  • Professional logo
  • 24/7 customer support

We recommend this plan for an established business looking to have an online presence.

Wix Business & Ecommerce Plans

If you want to accept online payments, Wix offers three tiers as part of its Business & Ecommerce plans.

All business and ecommerce subscriptions offer:

  • Secure online payments
  • Customer accounts
  • Plans & Recurring Payments
  • Remove Wix Ads
  • Custom domain
  • Free domain for one year
  • Video lessons
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Business basic

This plan costs $ 17 per month and offers 20GB of storage and five hours of video in addition to the features listed above.

Business Unlimited

You get all of the Wix Business Basic features, except this time an additional 15 GB (35 GB total) of storage space. This plan costs $ 25 per month and guarantees ten hours of video instead of five. The distinction between the two plans in terms of deals is negligible in most cases. We recommend that you start on the Wix Business Basic plan and only upgrade to Business Unlimited if you have good reason to do so.

Business VIP

This tier costs $ 35 per month. The most famous upgrade is the proprietary customer support. If customer care is a priority or you are having nightmares about your website at a critical hour, this is the plan for you.

In addition, Wix Business VIP allows you to create custom reports from the data you have collected. This functionality is not available in any other business and e-commerce plan. Plus, you get unlimited video hours on this plan.

We recommend Business VIP for established companies.

Wix product offerings

With Wix, users with little to no programming experience can create a website from scratch. To do this, Wix has all the features you need to build a professional website.

Wix Editor

The Wix Editor is the platform's main feature that allows you to create a website from scratch with little or no programming experience. Among the most robust on the market, this editor is intuitive, feature-rich, and can handle just about any type of website you throw at it.

The Wix Editor offers more than 500 designer and industry-specific templates. You can browse the templates by industry to make things easier. You are given complete freedom of design, including dragging and dropping template elements to create the perfect site.

For example, let's say you're worried that your website will look just like everyone else's. In that case, Wix lets you add scroll effects, video backgrounds and animations, and display your text and videos. You can also choose from 100+ fonts and upload your own.

Wix also lets you create a mobile-optimized site independent of your desktop site. In addition, you can use the Wix Mobile app to work on your website from a smartphone (hopefully with a big screen!) Or tablet.

Overall, Wix offers great design flexibility without being too overwhelming for newbies. This website builder crosses the line between functionality and ease of use.

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

If you are pressed for time or the functionality of the platform is a bit overwhelming, Wix can literally build the website for you. The ADI offers a practical approach to creating custom websites. Just enter your social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) or website. The AI ​​extracts business information from these pages and creates the first draft of your website.

You can then tweak and customize the website to get exactly what you're looking for. To make your job even easier, the ADI feature provides helpful tips and prompts throughout the process to help you build the perfect website.

Wix manages to push boundaries, and that Wix ADI is a feature you won't see too often in the marketplace.

Velo from Wix

While Wix primarily focuses on people with minimal to no experience building a website, this platform caters to both amateurs and experienced web developers.

Wix Velo gives you more freedom to build the website the way you want it. With Wix, you can use your version control tools and code editors and work in an environment of your choice or online.

You can also use external data sources or Wix's built-in databases. Velo by Wix uses an open platform that allows you to connect to an external data source and third party data sources.

Wix Professional Suite with Features

Wix has all the tools you need to build and manage your website. Most plans offer a free custom domain name with the option to join your existing domain. You also get free website hosting and a professional mailbox with a personalized email that matches your brand and domain name.

In addition, Wix offers Contact Management, which allows you to record and manage contacts and subscribers from a single dashboard. Additional features include:

SSL certificate: Wix offers a free SSL certificate to help you keep your website secure and optimize your search engine.

Social tools: You can easily connect all of your social media accounts to your Wix website.

Analytics: Wix tracks your web performance, including detailed statistics, so you can make data-driven decisions.

Given that Wix mostly targets small businesses, freelancers, and individuals, it's hard to find fault with its feature suit. The all-in-one approach to website creation takes a lot of work off your hands when creating your online presence.

Wix Business and Ecommerce

Another area in which Wix excels is its industry-specific offerings for businesses and e-commerce websites. First, you can use Wix to create an online store from scratch. Ecommerce features include a storefront, order tracking, custom shipping and tax rules, coupons and discounts, and multiple payment methods, among others.

While these features work well for small businesses, Wix is ​​not great for large online businesses that are primarily based on online sales. For starters, Wix only supports a handful of payment methods. There's a good chance a large company might need the help of third-party payment gateways to get around this limitation.

Additionally, the built-in ecommerce features aren't that powerful when compared to competitors like Shopify.

On the other hand, the industry-specific e-commerce offerings include:

  • Wix booking
  • Wix Stores
  • Wix blog
  • Wix music
  • Wix Photography
  • Wix Events
  • Wix Videos
  • Wix restaurants

These options give you industry-specific templates, features, and functions. This system makes your work a lot easier.

For example, with Wix Bookings you can accept online payments, accept bookings 24/7, and send emails to your customers with automatic reminders. With Wix Photography you can optimize the sharpness and quality of your image, secure your photos with built-in watermarks, and display your images in over 30 galleries.

You may need a more robust website builder for a large ecommerce store. However, for a small business, professional blog, or freelance business, Wix ticks all the boxes.

The best website builders

For a fuller look at how Wix holds up against the competition, please check out our Top 4 Best Website Builders Post.

  1. Wix – Best for general use
  2. Weebly – Best for beginners
  3. Shopify – Best for ecommerce
  4. WordPress – Best for Content Management

Overall, Wix is ​​an exceptional website builder for a select group of people including small business owners, freelancers, professionals, and bloggers. While Wix works well for small ecommerce businesses too, if you're building a large online business, you may need to look elsewhere. Wix is ​​easy to use, highly functional, and great value for money.

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