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19, 2021

2 min read

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Great marketing materials are based on great copies. But a great copy can cost a pretty penny. Whether you're hiring someone in-house or working with contractors, the cost of copywriting can add up quickly. However, you shouldn't sacrifice that expertise, as a high quality copy is vital to your business.

Save money without sacrificing quality with Copysmith. This nifty tool allows you to automatically make powerful copies for all of your marketing needs. From digital ads and product descriptions to slogans and emails, Copysmith harnesses the power of GPT-3's artificial intelligence to make word-by-word copies and turn small pieces of information into completely original pieces.

Copysmith's qualitative rating is as good as a human-written copy, while eliminating the back and forth approval process and the significant cost of outsourcing. At the touch of a button, you get dozens of ads that are fully editable so you can still have the last word on what is going on in the world. You can manage all of your campaigns in a single place, edit the display on Google, Facebook and Instagram, and share content with teammates for quick collaboration. Copysmith even integrates seamlessly with Shopify, WordPress and Gmail.

Copysmith is such a valuable asset that it was named Product # 2 of the Day and Product # 5 of the Week on Product Hunt with more than 1,200 positive votes.

Improve your copywriting infrastructure without compromising quality or spending too much money. Normally $ 228, a lifetime subscription to Copysmith is available now for just $ 69.99.


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