Bing's Fabrice Canal said on Twitter: "Sitemaps are daily and ideally real-time snapshots of all relevant pages on your website." "Sitemaps must contain these main ranking pages," he added. This was in response to Dawn Anderson posting something a development team told her.

Dawn wrote, "Hey guys in SEO. I was just advised by a development team that they are not including the main categories of the website (which are main targets) in the XML sitemap because they are not important enough pages? I deny that vehemently. What do you say? "

Yes, Fabrice has been involved with Bing Search since MSN Search – since Microsoft first started working on its search engine. He knows a thing or two.

I agree with you, Dawn. That doesn't make sense … Sitemaps are a daily (ideally real time) snapshot of all relevant pages on your website. Sitemaps must contain these main ranking pages.

– Fabrice Canel (@facan) August 26, 2020

But if you want to have more fun and see the SEO community's reaction to Dawn's tweet, check it out on Twitter. I'll embed some random ones:

The reason is BS.

While the actual ranking impact on those pages not included in the XML sitemap is likely to be minimal, it is assumed that there are links from the home page to these main category pages …

But yes, tell me which is more important when I show you the $$$$

– Victor Pan @ (@victorpan) August 26, 2020

My immediate reaction

– Gianluca Fiorelli wears a 😷. Be like Gianluca (@ gfiorelli1) August 26, 2020

But my perfectionism can't handle it. It's like not removing redirected pages from the sitemap. Google will probably still find out – but it's still just … wrong.

Which begs the question: WHY ?? Excluding a certain subset seems like a huge overhead for … what?

– Esben Rasmussen (@EsbenRasmussen) August 26, 2020

My Answer: What other "SEO" decisions have you made in the past 24-36 months? Let's work together and release some pipes with a forensic review of these changes and see traffic improvements of over 30-1000%.

– Jeff (@jeffrey_coyle) August 26, 2020

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