Perhaps the bitterest blogging pill to swallow is being at peace with where you are. Maybe you feel like you should move on. Perhaps you know you should be counting millions of dollars by now. But you haven't made a dime blogging. What gives? Why does blogging – and life – seem so cruel and unfair?

Everything changes in a split second that you fully accept where you are right now. Fully embrace your blogging career right now. Own your presence. The only way to grow is to own your blogging career now, to understand that you need to be where you are.

Should have to go. Nobody cares. Truly, any blogger who thinks they are further ahead does not understand the problem with this line of thought and feeling. Believing you should be elsewhere takes your attention away from where you are. The only way to work full time is to blog in the light of the truth. Blogging in the light of truth means being present, humble, generous, and persistent in everything you do. The split second you complain about not making any more money or getting more traffic now, you are putting all your power to make more money and drive more traffic into the future, and there the future is one Illusion is – like time – you no longer earn more money and drive more traffic.

Humiliate yourself. You are NOT blogging hot stuff. You are also not the influencer your ego foolishly believes. Guess what if you are a real influencer? You might care less! Real influencers are so busy helping people generously that they don't have time to brag or boast about their perceived influencer status. Plus, influential bloggers dyed in the wool are so busy handling email and social media pitches that they don't have the time and energy to see themselves as an influencer and brag about being an influencer be.

Wherever you are with your blog you need to be exactly where you need to see your blind spots, mistakes, errors, mistakes, and any blogging boos that you are doing right now that are preventing your growth. If you think you should be doing 6 numbers by now, but haven't blogged a penny, you are exactly $ 100,000 away from 6 numbers. Guess what that means Humble yourself, let go of your ego delusions and become a 6 digit blogger now, setting expectations free and helping people generously.

You are now in the perfect place and at the perfect time. Struggling bloggers need to honestly watch and know WHY they're struggling rather than complaining that they are stuck. Stop deceiving yourself; You need to own your fears, sense these energies, and analyze your mistakes to start blogging successfully.

To become a professional blogger, you must blog properly for many hundreds of hours before you make a dime and blogging properly for many thousands of hours before you make enough money to become a professional blogger. Blogging for hundreds of hours is about months of your life and blogging for 1000 hours is about years of your life. When you know this and accept these truths, you will quickly see that you should NOT get any further in your blogging success, but you are exactly where you need to be right now.

Show humility. Stop complaining that you are stuck and help people generously and persistently. You will get further if you stop complaining about a deluded state and start helping people generously with abundant, sustained energy.


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