It's no secret that COVID-19 has got businesses, advertisers, and products in trouble to make consumers feel connected at a time when they're separated.

Google has announced features that go well together at a time when advertisers are looking for something other than the same old ad formats.

The new features aim to offer users external products and buying decisions instead of going to a store, as well as a new ad unit on YouTube to take advantage of the boom in live streams.

Small changes have been made to the platforms to further motivate consumers, such as: B. pins that can be bought and the much-noticed start of shops on Google and Instagram.

These latest features from Google focus on the ad experience to bridge the gap between the user, the screen and the product they see.

In addition, it signals some continued support and tools for YouTube creators that were rapidly introduced this year as online consumption increased.

Live stream display format in YouTube

Live streaming has increased significantly as people stay away from major events. Many content creators are looking for ways to reuse this content so that it doesn't die from the vine once the stream is over.

Google has announced the possibility of displaying YouTube live stream content in display ads. People can interact with the video, preview it and see all the other features they are used to.

Here's an example of the ad experience, what happens when a user clicks it and what happens when it's over.

YouTube continues to test impressive product experiences

Immersive display brings realism

Google also announced the launch of a format called Swirl. This 3D format was developed for the mobile web and enables users to interact with the product on the screen.

Users can rotate, zoom in and out, and interact as if the product were available live.



Brands can create a Swirl ad unit in the Google Web Designer tool.

To create the actual 3D interactivity part, Google adds a new editor called Poly to its 3D editing platform:

YouTube continues to test impressive product experiences

Swirl ads are currently in the restricted beta phase. However, brands can contact Google employees to whitelist them for testing.

Both functions follow Google's latest trip to AR (Augmented Reality) called AR Beauty Try-On, which was announced last month.

AR Beauty Try-On

Because no one rushes to a makeup counter so quickly, the opportunity to test colors before buying evaporates. YouTube wants to help fix this for the massive beauty industry and its many influencing factors on the platform.

The new video format allows users to try product colors while watching a YouTube creation video.



Here is an example of a lipstick tutorial showing the user below and the product color options of the lipstick.

YouTube continues to test impressive product experiences

Google commented:

"With this new format, brands like M · A · C can leverage YouTube’s vibrant creator community, deliver influencer campaigns to the 2 billion active YouTube users per month, and measure their results in real time."

Google's announcement of Swirl ads can be found here. The details of the Beauty Try-On can be found here.


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