YouTube Shorts, a story-like vertical video format that allows users to create clips that are no longer than 15 seconds, is coming to the US next month.

Shorts were launched in India in September 2020 and are currently still in beta. According to YouTube, the number of Indian channels using shorts creation tools has more than tripled since December.

YouTube shares engagement data for the first time, showing that shorts get more than 3.5 billion views every day.

The format draws comparisons with TikTok as YouTube Shorts offers similar features. Users can:

  • Create videos no longer than 15 seconds and upload them.
  • Edit videos with a variety of creative tools.
  • Sew shorter clips together with a multi-segment camera.
  • Add music to videos from YouTube library.
  • Speed ​​up or slow down videos.
  • Set timers and countdowns.


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These features, all built into the YouTube app in India, can be expected by US users when the update is released next month.

With the upcoming update, a carousel will be added to the YouTube homepage designed for shorts.

Users can navigate from one video to another by scrolling vertically while viewing content. Again similar to TikTok.

YouTubers can create content for the Shorts Carousel either with the in-app camera or by uploading a video from their camera roll. Any vertical video 15 seconds or less in length can be included in the shorts carousel.

Make YouTube more accessible to new developers

According to YouTube, one of the problems that shorts aim to solve is the high barrier to entry for new developers:


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“Every year more and more people come to YouTube to start their own channel. However, we know that there are still large numbers of people who find the bar too high for creation.

That's why we're working on Shorts, our new short-form video tool that allows developers and artists to record snappy videos using just their phones. "

With Shorts, new users can instantly add content to the YouTube ecosystem without having to film and edit an entire video.

Another way shorts can help new developers is by how they are counted like normal video views. We only learned that last month.

Counting views for short films like regular videos can help new developers make money on YouTube by getting them into the YouTube Affiliate Program (YPP).

As a member of the YPP, creators can place ads on their videos and keep a portion of the revenue generated.

The prerequisite for admission to the program is the accumulation of 4,000 valid public surveillance hours in the last 12 months. Creating short videos is now another way for creators to meet this threshold.

More shorts updates on the way?

I posted a story yesterday suggesting that big updates to YouTube Shorts could be on the way soon.

This is because YouTube publishes a short report every two weeks to keep users informed of the latest updates.

The announcement of a US launch is the first major development since the brief report was introduced. More information will follow as we get closer to the start date.


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Source: Official YouTube Blog


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